Chisel Challenge 2010

Join me on my journey from recreational athlete to competitive body builder. Follow my progression from FIT to CHISELED in just 14 short weeks. A physical transformation is the ultimate goal, but the drive, determination and desire will, no doubt, lead to a mental and spiritual transformation as well. It’s an EXCITING time and I am totally PSYCHED to begin this FUN, NEW Life Adventure! Your support and encouragement are welcomed!


2 Responses to “Chisel Challenge 2010”

  1. Shari Frey Says:


    Congrats on your recent win in PA! You look fabulous in all your photos!

    I recently discovered your blog as I was looking for inspiration to perhaps, begin my own challenge. So, I was excited to see that you will be in Charleston this coming weekend. I live in Myrtle Beach just 2 hrs north and am trying to arrange my schedule to make it to the competition on Saturday morning. Having never been to one I’m thininking it may be the ultimate motivation to get me started.

    At 5’2″ and 120 lbs, I have some upper body definition and carry most of my fat in the hips, buttocks and thighs. A trainer at my gym, a former natural body builder himself, has discouraged me from regular cardio workouts saying I’ll burn muscle instead of fat and that I really shouldn’t lose any weight just slowly (too slowly for my desires!) build muscle that will consume the fat layer. I’m guessing from your success that includes regular cardio and weight loss there’s a big difference between men and women builders. I realize that I need to be vigilant with the protein intake and meal plan but, wow! I have trouble eating that much in a day and working it into my schedule.

    Good luck this weekend in Charleston. Hoping for another win for you!


    • Hey Shari!!! ;o) WOW! Such nice comments and a major ego boost! ;o) Seriously, I SO appreciate you taking the time to read the blog and share your thoughts regarding your own personal challenge!! After all, THAT’s what it’s ALL about….sharing Inspiration and Motivation!!

      I’m excited to hear that you might be in Charleston! And YES attending a competition is one of the best ways to get motivated to achieve whatever fitness goals you have in mind for yourself. ;o) Would be cool to meet you if, in fact you are able to attend!

      I can totally relate to the area where fat seems to want to settle in…seems to be the case for the vertically challenged female frame….I’m 5′ 1 and 3/4″…..end of last week weighed in at 114lbs… competition weight is 112 to 114lbs. May not have as much fat in those areas at the moment…..but what I have needs to be tightened up into muscle…not to mention the whole “lift” aspect that added muscle would bring ;o)

      I use to be “Ms. Cardio”, but as I entered into my “Chisel Challenge” last year I began to learn that Cardio can fry muscle. ;o/

      Just like everything else in life…it’s a balancing act. The “Fuel Plan”, Weight Training and Cardio have to be properly synchronized to maximize the results (depending on what results are the end goal). My trainers and everything I’ve read as of late (check out OnFitness Magazine – BEST Fitness Mag ever!) recommends High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This type of training, incorporating more “Bursts of Energy”, allows you to build muscle and burn fat. A good example……compare the physiques of a Sprinter to a Marathon runner…….definitely more muscle mass on the Sprinter due to that specific type of training.

      The “Cardio” that bodybuilders perform is more “Steady State” / “Lower Intensity”, which is where “Fat Burning” occurs. And should be performed AFTER weight training, because the weight training depletes the body’s glycogen levels so that your body enters the Fat Burning mode sooner when you begin the Steady State cardio portion of the workout. But keep in mind that this type of Cardio is only “burning” while you’re actually performing the exercise. Whereas weight training / HIIT burns both during and long after you’ve left the gym, since the muscles have been challenged (broken down) and will burn energy as they build back up….the whole “muscle burns calories at rest” deal.

      The only “Exception to the Rule”, regarding Cardio for Bodybuilding, would be a handful of weeks out from a competition. At this point most bodybuilders perform Cardio twice a day. Some may choose to do steady state for each of the two sessions, but the recommendation I follow is to perform Steady State in the morning and HIIT in the afternoon. The purpose of adding the second session of cardio is to get the body lean and stage ready.

      I hear ya on tryin’ to consume all the meals within one day!!! Can be tough, especially with the hectic life-style most of us lead. I’ll tell you what works for me – preppin’ all the food ahead of time so it’s ready to consume when feeding time hits the clock. It may seem like a lot of “up-fornt” time spent, but it SAVES a TON of time later!! And you can “Grab-it-and-Go!”….ready to travel with you throughout your day. Even still….there are days that I do run out of time and it’s just too late to be eatin’ meal number 5….so – I don’t. ;o) Perfectly okay on occassion……but to build muscle really need to strive to get the protein intake managed.

      Thanks for the well wishes!! Travel safe to Charleston….and I hope to see you there! ;o)

      Live, Love, Laugh and LIFT!!

      Stay Strong,
      Sutter Girl

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