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Motivation….A Study Part III

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Staying the Course

Most Personal Challenges are not achieved in one day.  We may accomplish a “Mini Victory” within one day, but attaining the ultimate goal requires a compilation of “Mini Victories” over the course of several days, leading into months, and in some cases years.image

In this vein of thinking, and in reference to the two prior Motivation Study Posts, this is why the upfront preparation for mapping out your Plan to achieve Success is so critical. As this Personal Quest progresses, unexpected hurdles and internal conflicts (lack of confidence, pushing through physical pain, etc.) can conjure up doubts and questions within our minds, which in turn make us wonder “How do I Stay the Course?”. When this sort of occurrence takes place ( it’s not a matter of “If” …we’re human it’s gonna happen…) you and I have to dig deep within ourselves, tap into our own internal strength, remind ourselves WHY we started this journey, find ways to further break down the process into smaller segments, celebrate the “Mini Victories to keep ourselves amped up, and envision how AMAZING gaining Success will feel. The Mapped out Success Plan is a great visual aid to use when going through the mental exercise described above.

Relying on our own internal strength in this manner can be the empowerment that pushes us past the struggle and gets us back on track, but surrounding ourselves with positive people who know and support us in our quest can be another great source of strength to Stay the Course.


No Alternative

Success and Nothing Less. That MUST be the Mindset when setting any goal. There is NO looking back, NO excuse, NO alternative. This commitment level to SELF has to exist in order to keep our “Eyes on the Prize” and moving toward claiming that Prize.


The next post within this Motivation series will discuss how to make Extreme Personal Challenges easier to achieve.



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The ONLY Expectation I had headin down to COLA was GOOD FUN TIMES with GREAT TEAMMATES…but WOW!!! it ended up Delivering SO MUCH  MORE!! ;o)

First of all, my parents ended up being able to attend the ENTIRE event!! (Initially they were only going to be able to attend the evening portion) I was SO THRILLED to have them there to experience the whole competition and to meet more of my Amazing Dream Team Family of Teammates!!

Second of all, the fact that I was going into this competition even TIGHTER than Jr USAs two weeks earlier was an excellent feeling!

Third – the Pre-Competition Fuel supplied by Pawley’s Front Porch….Cool Burger Joint that’s been featured on one of my Favorite Food Network shows – Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives!! HUGE THANKS to Hollywood’s MAN for findin the place!!



Ashleigh “Hollywood” Allison scored 1st Place to win her Bikini Class & went on win the OVERALL….Crowned the NEW 2012 SC STATE CHAMPION!!!

Laura “French Fry” Foster also scored 1st Place to win her Figure Class & she too went on to win the OVERALL…Crowned the NEW 2012 SC STATE CHAMPION!!!

Shauna “Smilin'” Robinson got 2nd Call Outs and Graced the stage with her beautiful smile and physique! ;o)

After having performed our individual evening routines, I stood next to my competition on the diagonal filled with excitement and anticipation as the Judges announced the 1st Place winner of the 2012 SC STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS Women’s Lightweight Bodybuilding Class – AMY SUTTER!!!!

Words aren’t enough to express the SHEER JOY of that moment!!

Winning my Class secured my spot in the POSE DOWN against the 1st Place Heavyweight Class Winner!

I tried to play things up by tryin to “Crowd” her out and did my best to show the Judges how BADLY I wanted to win the Overall to score that Championship Ring!! The Judges deliberated for a pretty long time, but she was a good 25+ pounds heavier than me and ended up being Crowned the NEW 2012 SC STATE OVERALL Women’s Bodybuilding CHAMPION.



I took pride in having won my class and having the opportunity to GO For the Overall Win!

But again, my main goal was achieved…presenting a Better, Stronger, Leaner Physique on Stage!! ;o)


Better than any kind of Bling or Hardware I could’ve scored at this competition was the feedback the SC State Chairman and a couple other judges shared with my Coach / Trainer.  Voluntarily, and in separate conversations with my  Coach / Trainer they commented on the vast improvements I have made since having begun competing in June of 2010. Plus, one of the Judges caught me backstage and told me that my evening routine was the BEST of the night!! :O)

Those comments are AWESOME to hear, let me know I’m on the Right Track, and are the Dividends Paid Back – making ALL the HARDWORK SO WORTHWHILE!!!

Now I just got to keep KEEPIN’ ON!!

I don’t want to Lose My Gains, Nor Gain back My Losses ;o)  Crazy Bodybuilder Speak there! ;o)

Post Event Pics….

NPC 2012 Jr USA Hardware

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The COOL Momento

In my excitement to share the Super FUN time at the NPC 2012 Jr USA competition, it slipped my mine to tell how I placed.

I took 5th place, was hoping for 3rd or 4th, but still need to work on bringin out the definition in my lower half.

While bringing home “Hardware” is always nice, it’s definitely NOT the main source of satisfaction….at least not for me.

Sword Number Two in my Trophy Collection

I’m in it for “The Process”. Don’t get me wrong….I’ve definitely got a competitive streak, but in this sport you never know what types of physique you’ll be standing with on stage. So the only thing in my control is how I go through “The Process”.

I determine if I follow the Fuel Plan, train hard every session in the gym, execute the cardio and get enough rest. All of which allows my physique to become stronger, tighter and more defined.

MENTAL strengthening is another huge benefit to putting all aspects of “The Process” into action.

As long as I continue to improve and bring a better physique to the stage each competition I can claim personal victory!

The best news of all is that this is the one sport that you can continue to make vast improvements as you age!!

Mature Muscle Baby!! So…goin against the norm….TIME is on MY SIDE!! ;o)

NPC JR USA’s 2012

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This past Saturday’s NPC Jr USA’s Bodybuilding Competition went by in a flash!!

I was on and off the stage at Pre-Judging in what seemed like a few seconds!! ;o)

Another reminder that you really must “Enjoy the Moment”!!! 


It was truly a Blast to Share the stage with my DREAM TEAM teammates…Ashleigh “Hollywood” Allison, Marissa Alkire and Jenny Hansen!

It was cool to be in this competition with my newest Gym Buddy, Keith “The Hulk” Wilder too!! I’ve enjoyed gettin to know both he and his cool wife Erin “Iron Fist” Wilder who competes on the Greenville Derby Dames Roller Derby Team. ;o) 

All of us reached new personal goals this training season and brought our best physiques yet to the stage!! ;o)

Appreciate Ya!!

Many THANKS!!! to my Dream Team Family for ALL the support, for cheerin’ for us on stage and for the SWEET TREATS!!! Megan & CupCake Y’all gotz some MAD Bakin SKILLZ GIRLZ!!!

Josh & Keith EXCELLENT call on the post competition location…T Bonez ROCKED!!

Thanks Jay and Laura for making the trip down!! So glad y’all were there!!

Congratz to Travis “Tree Top” Hansen & my teammate Jenny Hansen on 5 years of marriage!! Tree Top –  truly appreciate your support for the Dream Team and your SUPER NICE comments regarding my improvements this training season…means more than you know!! ;o)

Jimmy and Hollywood I had a BLAST chillin’ with you two fine peeps!! And Lindsay…it was nice meeting you and glad you decided to join us Saturday Night!


Enjoyed the Jr USA’s weekend playin’ and eatin’ in Charleston, but now it’s back to the grind!!!

SC STATE Competition in two weeks!!!!

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