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It’s 2012 PEOPLE! WHOO HOO!!!!!

Man I absolutely LOVE the Holiday Season!! Playin’ my XMAS Tunes, Bakin’ Major Carbohydrate Delicacies to share with friends and family, goin’ to and hostin’ parties, travelin’ to see friends who have become family in places where I once lived…it’s just a Wonderful time of year to put everything else on hold and focus on the Spirit of the Season!!

I use to experience the “Duldrums” when the New Year tolled in because it marked the ending of all of those anticipated Holiday Happenin’s.

Not anymore!! The past few years I’ve had a changed mindset. I enjoy the heck out of the Holidays and then I get EXCITED to see what the New Year will bring!!

Embrace the Newness!!

Afterall a NEW YEAR means New everything….New People, New Places, New Experiences, New Challenges to overcome and New Goals to Achieve!!!! NEW! NEW! NEW!

And hopefully a New and Improved Me & You!!

It truly makes me glad that I don’t have a crystal ball enabling me to be pleasantly surprised by the potential possibilities of 2012.

Vision in Action

Don’t get me wrong….I’m not plannin’ on aimlessly stumblin’ through this new year.

No way! I definitely want to map out some specific goals and make the most of the time this year contains….especially since just like all the past years, this one is gonna fly by!!

I love the following Japanese proverb:

Vision without action is a daydream; action without vision is a nightmare.

My 2012 Vision

I’ve got my sights set on two bodybuilding competitions – Junior USAs and Nationals.

My “Off Season” trainin’ has been goin’ great!! Especially with the help of my Dream Team teammates Coach Mo, Coach Jim, Hollywood and CupCake to name a few ;o)

But the real work, well better stated….the “transition”….will begin in a few weeks when I re-enter the Fuel Plan Mode!

I really cannot wait to see what’s been built up once I’ve leaned back down….EXCITIN’ stuff!!

And I hope that once again, I’ll be inspired with new “Recipivity” to share with y’all. ;o)

I welcome any of your ideas as well!!  PLEASE SHARE!! ;0)

Venture Adventures

Other visions to which I need to persistently apply action involve my entrepreneurial ventures: MoJoTiVatioN™, Refurbished Denim™, and ACN.

I welcome you to take a look see at the following sites… and

Your feedback and patronage would be GREATLY appreciated!!

How Bout You??!!

Are you ready to ROCK OUT 2012?

What events are you trainin’ for?

What do you hope – no – PLAN to accomplish over the next 12 amazin’ months??!!

Don’t be shy! SHARE!!

Until the next post…..

Strive to become Stronger…A Stronger Person with increased Character…A Stronger Friend with Broader Shoulders….A Stronger Lover with a Huge Heart of Compassion…..A Stronger Supporter of Worthy Causes……

Make True Strength Contagious. One day you will find yourself in need of someone Strong.



Tis the Season to be CRAPULOUS!!!!

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Tis the Season to do WHAT!!!????

I tell people ALL the time that I am NOT fluent in English – even though it is my native tongue.

A year ago on Thanksgiving Day it was proven yet again.

You see, Meriam-Webster kindly sends me a “Word of the Day”.

Last Thanksgiving the chosen word was “CRAPULOUS”, the definition of which is “marked by intemprance (excessive indulgence) especially in eating or drinking”.

Of course, being easily amused, I LOVED the word the minute I read it (reason will be obvious to others as easily entertained as I), and the meaning just brought it all home for me!! ;o)

Although the term “Crapulous” is most often used as an adjective, last year and every Holiday Season hereafter will be celebrated in the VERB sense of the word…..spent being vivaciously CRAPULOUS!!

Don’t Be Skeered….Take a Break!

C’mon, after a year’s worth of strictly following the nutritional Fuel Plan to lean down for competitions and/or maintain between competitive events, we all need a little breather!

So, hopefully, as I, y’all have allowed yourself to Relax, Relate, Release and fully enjoy some Holiday Treats and Totties!!

Which in Bodybuilding terms is CRAPULOUS!

Tis the Season….within Reason….

Now, havin’ said ALL that….I’m NOT sayin’ make yourself sick, as the second definition of “CRAPULOUS” describes.

That would turn the “Celebration” into “Flatulation” etc. and would be most unpleasant. ;o/

Celebration Recommendations

I would strongly recommend maintaining both your FUEL PLAN and GYM habits during this “Season”.

Eat in the same meal pattern (squeaky clean) on the days between Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, etc and New Year’s.

On the days that you have parties scheduled. Eat clean for all meals you typically would eat prior to the party and then enjoy the party.

For example, I typically eat 5 meals a day. I would eat clean for meals 1, 2 and 3. I would then essentially leave the last 2 meals (4 &5) as “Party Time” caloric intake.

Your scheduled Gym Time will be a different kind of party during this season of Crapulousness!

In fact…the EXTRA Carbs will “Enhance” your Training Sessions!!! Ha! Ha!

Seriously, your workouts will be AMAZING having that extra boost of energy!!

Continuing your CARDIO regimine will help to ward off packin’ on too many pounds.

And you won’t have to worry about fryin’ off the muscle you’ve been workin’ on gainin’, cause those extra carbs will be the fuel source your body taps into. ;O)

It’s a break of sorts, but lets not wreck all the prior accomplishments of 2011. ;o)

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