WOW!!! We did it again…..trekked through 365 days!! CONGRATZ to US!

I don’t know about y’all, but I try my best to set aside some time between Christmas and Ringin In the New Year to take a “Moment” to PAUSE…..REFLECT…&…PREPARE to FORGE AHEAD!


Although I’m reminded daily that TIME never stands still, I carve out some of my time to STILL my SutterSelf. Runnin is my steady status throughout any given year…whether it’s from one activity or appointment to the next, or circles in my own abode tryin to accomplish household tasks. In order to prevent BURNOUT, it’s imperative for my psyche to create this stillness both physically and mentally. While I’ve managed to do this at the end of the past few years, my goal for 2017 is to Pause Quarterly.


Once I’ve finally found the stillness, the ONLY movement I experience next is within my mind to REFLECT. This is NOT a time to dwell on the past experiences of 2016. It’s a time to realize and celebrate what I accomplished. All of my 2016 goals were not completed, but instead of viewing that fact as falling short, I reflect on the Progress I made  working and moving closer toward those desired accomplishments. I actually gained another self-awareness nugget while reflecting on one particular 2016 goal that did not come to fruition; to achieve my Pro Card in Women’s Bodybuilding. What I realized during this time of reflection is that the disappointment I experienced at that point in time wasn’t really about not turning Pro. It was more about not being able to get past that goal in order to be able to set a NEW goal. I reminded myself that Goals WORTH setting often take more time to achieve and require multiple changes in strategy to accomplish. The progress gained moving toward the goal is what gleans the learnings upon which the new strategy is formulated, allowing me to become FORWARD FOCUSED.


PAUSING & REFLECTING are the KEY Components that inspire me to put my next Game Plan together so that I can get FIRED UP to FORGE AHEAD in the NEW YEAR.

TIME doesn’t stand still and it won’t wait on us while we do, but spending “Still Time” to truly be thoughtful and prayerful regarding our Purpose, Goals, and developing a Strategy to support both is critical in becoming equipped to FORGE AHEAD.

If you haven’t already, get your PAUSE & REFLECT ON & this 2017…..BRING IT!!!


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