I originally posted “PURSUE the NEW” on January 6, 2016 (Hump Day #1) via my New MoJoTiVatioN® FaceBook Group and thought it was worth re-posting as the First Blog Post of Chisel Challenge 2016…(I extend an Open Invitation to those reading this to join the New MoJoTiVatioN® Group to share your MoJoMantrA and in turn inspire others!!!)

So, here Tis once again…..

No secret….it’s the beginning of yet another NEW YEAR‼️🎉☺️ 2016 WHOO ‼️‼️

And…I fully realize we’re already on Day 6, but I thought this post might help to get over the first “Hump Day”😄

In keeping with this seasonal topic of “NEW”, have you ever gone outside your comfort zone to explore a new place, or try something new as a means of expressing, or perhaps revealing a new side of you?

Well, in 2010, I did PURSUE the NEW!!! I decided to do something that I had never experienced, but that had peaked my interest for years -Competitive Bodybuilding!

I can still remember how it all began……first with an email contacting the coaches that a friend of mine had recommended, followed up with a face to face meeting, then attending the South Carolina NPC State Championships as a spectator (per the coaches suggestion) to get a better understanding of the sport and determine the category in which I wanted to compete, signing on to the coaches’ “Dream Team” and ultimately competing in two Bodybuilding events later that year.

Of course there was a whole lot more NEW involved between signing onto the team and hitting the competition stage!!! A New way of Eating, a New way of approaching Training, the Newness of Posing, meeting New Teammates, getting to know my New Coaches. It was ALL SO NEW!!! And as I simply followed the lead of my Coaches, embracing their guidance, knowledge, encouragement – the entire NEW Process – it evolved into this amazingly FUN personal transformation!!!

Choosing to Explore this NEW Bodybuilding Lifestyle revealed a whole lot more than mere Muscle Mass! I discovered a New Drive, a New sense of Determination and Dedication, all of which exposed a New inner strength and the desire to share that strength to help others become stronger.

And the New GAINZ!!! As a Competitive Bodybuilding Novice in 2010 New “GAINZ” may not have been in the form of the aforementioned revealed Muscle Mass – LOL! The New GAINZ went deeper building New Bonds of Friendship resulting in a more SOULFUL kinda “SWOLE”!!!

My 2010 decision to “PURSUE the NEW” was truly THRILLING!!! It was also Refreshing, Invigorating, Motivating, Inspiring, not to mention Igniting as it sparked New Creative Ideas that within a year’s time (& a whole lot of Divine Intervention) developed into the concept of MoJoTiVatioN®!!!

What’s the NEW that you plan to PURSUE???

Many will focus their New Efforts of 2016 on “What NOT to DO”, or to “STOP DOING”. Isn’t that kind of thinking literally “BACKWARD”???

Forget the past! You can’t change it! Instead…..be “FORWARD FOCUSED”!!! Choose to “PURSUE the NEW”…..”EMBRACE the PROCESS” and “EXPERIENCE the NEW THRILLS” along the way!!!
No doubt at the end of this year you will have Gained a NEW Stronger You!!!

Stay Strong & Share Your Strength!


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