Long Time, No Post…….A Fresh Start……

Why The Long Post Pause?

Well…..stating the obvious, I took a breather from Posting on my Chisel Challenge Blog. Why? Mainly time constraints associated with the other aspects of my little, yet active world. Y’all may be able to relate….ever feel like you’ve run out of time to do ALL the things you’d like to do?? image

Reflection Time

As of this week, after listening to some other bloggers tell their stories, I’ve come to the realization that blogging shouldn’t necessarily be focused on quantity. In other words, there shouldn’t be any sense of pressure to continuously pump out posts. Instead, there should be a desire to provide posts that are more focused on the quality of the content being shared. So, maybe posting is less frequent, say twice a month instead of daily, but the information shared provides the readers with more valuable information on a more consistent basis.

I also began to reflect on why I started the Chisel Challenge Blog in the first place.

I had decided to begin a new endeavor, competitive bodybuilding. My thought was that others might be interested in joining in my journey; following along as I made the physical transformation and experienced my first ever “Contest Prep”. That in turn led to my sharing the clean recipes I was generating. I can remember receiving my first Foods List from my Coaches and instantly feeling like a contestant on The Food Network’s Show “Chopped”! My Coaches provided me with my New Basket of Ingredients (along with portions & timing) and my creative juices started flowing! Then there were shared experiences pertaining to other aspects of Contest Prep, beyond the kitchen, that I hadn’t completely thought through….for instance, the How & Who was gonna TAN my naked Sutter Self??, not to mention some necessary “Body-Scaping” or “Self-Grooming” required prior to tanning…. In a word….”OUCH!!” To my elation and surprise, people (you) began reading, and following, and interacting, and expressing that the information was inspiring and helping!! I was SO EXCITED I couldn’t hardly contain myself!! It was unbelievable in the most Positive sense!!

Another “Light Bulb” moment during my time of reflecting on why write Chisel Challenge was the realization  that writing and sharing this blog helps to keep me inspired and triggers my creativity. Ultimately, my goal is imageto share insights that benefit those who choose to spend their valuable time absorbing the content, but if that serves as source of fuel to create that content then in the end we both win!

A Forward Favor

My desire is to use this new found inspiration and desire to continue writing this Chisel Challenge blog.

Moving forward, however, I would like to try a New Approach and ask YOU, the readers, for a favor.

I could simply just pick up from where I left off and continue to randomly choose what I write, but I’d really like to hear more from you regarding the type of insights and topics that YOU want to read. What fires YOU up? What do you want to hear more about? What do you consider helpful?

Should I continue to provide Clean Recipes, Tips on Getting Yourself Motivated & How to Stay Motivated?

Do you want more on specific Fitness Training or perhaps what Type(s) of Training provides the Best Results?

Give me some answers to the questions posed above and I’ll do my best to Return the Favor by giving you the info you desire!!

Ready, Set…..CHISEL!!!!!


2 Responses to “Long Time, No Post…….A Fresh Start……”

  1. I haven’t yet looked back at your previous posts, so you may already have posted about this; however, if you would share your nutrition plan, that would be a great motivation in itself. Additional tips on motivation would just be a huge bonus.

    Hope your prep work is going well for you and that you see amazing success at the end of this particular road.

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