HAPPY 2014!!!

New Year…Now What?

“Out with the Old, In with the New…”, “Forget the Past and Focus on the Future…” So, whats that look like for you as 2014 ticks away? Are you going to start a new behavior? Maybe you plan to cease a behavior? And perhaps those are one in the same.  Another option is setting goals or personal challenges to accomplish. Regardless, there’s an unwritten rule out there that urges us all to reflect upon a year gone by and configure a plan for the  year that has commenced.  (And for some this may happen twice a year….January and your birthday.)

New Approach

Formulate a plan to use the time 2014 provides to create Positive Impact. A plan that empowers you (& me) to Bring a Better Self to this World, Improves the Lives of those with whom you (& I) cross paths, both new faces and the familiar, and Enhances the environment shared. No matter what your beliefs, WE have all been born into this Wonderful World in this specific segment of Time and therefore Share the Adventure this thing called LIFE has to offer! Let’s make the MOST of this opportunity, exude FUN & SHARE our Strength to Empower People to reach their Goals so that WE can ultimately CELEBRATE ALL the SUCCESS!! image


2 Responses to “HAPPY 2014!!!”

  1. Deanna Hampson-Saint Laurent Says:

    Very inspiriting to read your words and I hope to continue to be encouraged as I work hard toward my goals. I hope this New Year I meet and develop new friends who will help and motivate me towards my goals, and which I can return the favor. So please, for all those who may be reading this, I hope to hear from you. I think my biggest challenge is not letting the pain take me back to square one. I do not take pain very well due to a car accident that fractured my pelvis years ago, among a couple other things. However, that was that and now is now. A wonderful 2014 has just begun and I hope it includes you! Thank you for taking the time to read this. Deanna 864/752-7152

    • My Thanks! To you for checkin out Chisel Challenge!! I truly appreciate your positive feedback & hope that the Motivation series will also be helpful as to you as you pursue your 2014 goals! See you in Spin Class ;0)

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