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Motivation….A Study Part III

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Staying the Course

Most Personal Challenges are not achieved in one day.  We may accomplish a “Mini Victory” within one day, but attaining the ultimate goal requires a compilation of “Mini Victories” over the course of several days, leading into months, and in some cases years.image

In this vein of thinking, and in reference to the two prior Motivation Study Posts, this is why the upfront preparation for mapping out your Plan to achieve Success is so critical. As this Personal Quest progresses, unexpected hurdles and internal conflicts (lack of confidence, pushing through physical pain, etc.) can conjure up doubts and questions within our minds, which in turn make us wonder “How do I Stay the Course?”. When this sort of occurrence takes place ( it’s not a matter of “If” …we’re human it’s gonna happen…) you and I have to dig deep within ourselves, tap into our own internal strength, remind ourselves WHY we started this journey, find ways to further break down the process into smaller segments, celebrate the “Mini Victories to keep ourselves amped up, and envision how AMAZING gaining Success will feel. The Mapped out Success Plan is a great visual aid to use when going through the mental exercise described above.

Relying on our own internal strength in this manner can be the empowerment that pushes us past the struggle and gets us back on track, but surrounding ourselves with positive people who know and support us in our quest can be another great source of strength to Stay the Course.


No Alternative

Success and Nothing Less. That MUST be the Mindset when setting any goal. There is NO looking back, NO excuse, NO alternative. This commitment level to SELF has to exist in order to keep our “Eyes on the Prize” and moving toward claiming that Prize.


The next post within this Motivation series will discuss how to make Extreme Personal Challenges easier to achieve.


HAPPY 2014!!!

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New Year…Now What?

“Out with the Old, In with the New…”, “Forget the Past and Focus on the Future…” So, whats that look like for you as 2014 ticks away? Are you going to start a new behavior? Maybe you plan to cease a behavior? And perhaps those are one in the same.  Another option is setting goals or personal challenges to accomplish. Regardless, there’s an unwritten rule out there that urges us all to reflect upon a year gone by and configure a plan for the  year that has commenced.  (And for some this may happen twice a year….January and your birthday.)

New Approach

Formulate a plan to use the time 2014 provides to create Positive Impact. A plan that empowers you (& me) to Bring a Better Self to this World, Improves the Lives of those with whom you (& I) cross paths, both new faces and the familiar, and Enhances the environment shared. No matter what your beliefs, WE have all been born into this Wonderful World in this specific segment of Time and therefore Share the Adventure this thing called LIFE has to offer! Let’s make the MOST of this opportunity, exude FUN & SHARE our Strength to Empower People to reach their Goals so that WE can ultimately CELEBRATE ALL the SUCCESS!! image

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