Long Time No Post….Lets Catch Up!!

Half Way Through 2013…So Far, SO GOOD!!!

2013 has stayed true to the SUPER BUSY VIBE of years prior, but that’s how I ROLL!!!

(As I’m sure y’all can relate.)

I’ve been MULTI-TASKIN’ to the max….workin’, trainin’, sellin’ (MoJoTiVatioN – Positive Power Hard Core Bling at various athletic events) and competin’ (two Bodybuilding competitions NPC RX MUSCLE and NPC South Carolina State Championships) which have consumed all my time and energy this year. And to say that 2013 has been FANTASTIC thus far would be a HUGE understatement!!

After winning the Lightweight Class at the 2012 NPC South Carolina State Championships and coming just shy (on paper) of taking the Overall Win, I set my sights on going back in 2013 with the goal of claiming the SC State Champion title.

Part of that plan included a warm up competition, the NPC RX MUSCLE CLASSIC, a NEW event added to the mix of South Carolina Bodybuilding competitions.



In keeping with the thought process of my blog posts exploring “Motivation“, I put together a Plan of Action to pursue successful outcomes. Fortunately, the execution of that Plan and ALL of the HARD WORK paid off! I won the Lightweight Class at the RX MUSCLE CLASSIC and three weeks later realized my two year goal, scoring the 2013 NPC SC STATE CHAMPION Title!!! June 2013 was an INCREDIBLE month for me and I’m still orbiting in the THRILL of it all!

If you happen to be a friend of mine (in the Real World or virtually through FaceBook and/or Twitter) then this is Old News and I sincerely Thank You for Celebrating my EXCITEMENT with me once again!! But the purpose of this blog post is to provide a Real World Illustration of how staying focused and motivated can lead anyone to an outcome of success, no matter what the goal.

Celebratin' NPC SC STATE CHAMPION Victory

Celebratin’ NPC SC STATE CHAMPION Victory

Catchin a “Case of the D’s” ….Drive, Discipline, Dedication and Determination….is crucial to self-motivation. Hang tight and I’ll share my thoughts on each “D” in the next post. (sooner than later this time ;0) )


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