2013 GOALS


Only 346 Days Left!!!!

Sounds like a TON of time, but we practically blink and we’re yellin’ “Happy New Year!!!” all over again. All that to say….Let’s Do This!!! Whatever THIS is….move toward making it a REAL Accomplishment…not another “Unresolved Resolution” that gets rolled over to the next year, or future years. 

How to Start

There in lies the greatest challenge for some of us….the Starting. And I must say that very concept has sent me into deep thinking, which has led to a number of questions running through my mind: “Why are some people more motivated or driven to excel than others?”, “Is it solely how interested the person is in the topic surrounding the task?”, “Is it a Confidence thing?”, “How a person was raised?”, “Does prior success achieved come into play?” OR….”Does it just boil down to How Badly A Person WANTS IT?” Whatever IT is…

Stay Tuned as I look deeper into this Personal Phenomena and together we will determine how to not just Start, but better yet FINISH!!


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