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Motivation – A Study…

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The Start

Start…Starting…Started.  image

Typically when any of these word tenses are used it implies a “Newness” factor. If that is in fact the case, then that signifies “Change”. While most humans are all about NEW, there are many whom abhor CHANGE.

After all, something NEW is viewed as BETTER, COOLER and more EXCITING. Whereas CHANGE signifies something that was in the works, or happening for a long time must STOP. VERY UNCOOL to most.

But why??!! If whatever IT is Changes won’t it be considered NEW? And if IT is now NEW aren’t the chances of it being BETTER, COOLER & more EXCITING greater than if IT remained the same? I would propose that with some changes the first required change is the personal perspective on what is changing.

Okay, so back to The Start. In order to Start motion and / or action must come into play. And while a goal, completion and / or finish line may be the ultimate goal, that should NOT be the main focus at the Start.  The first focus is beginning, moving toward the next step or milestone on the path then the next step and then the next and so forth and so on. Basically breaking down the Process of Change into smaller segments to simplify the task at hand to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

Usually when someone looks at the BIG GOAL all at once it conjures up a feeling that IT has to be achieved in one fell swoop. This perspective can cause Purpose Paralysis and spells FAILURE because the person feels doomed from the Start and therefore fails to Move.

A successful start on a Path to Newness begins with just that…mapping out a path to follow that breaks down the Process of Change into simplified segments and generates a sense of Easier (versus Harder). Don’t get me wrong, the Goal may require extreme effort to achieve, but when viewed in parts versus totality will avoid making IT seem insurmountable.

And if that doesn’t work, one can always rely on the saying that “It only takes 21 days to change a habit.”….Less than a month!! And there’s only 12 of those in 1 year!!! (See how to Break IT Down ;0) )

Step One – Take the First Step on the Path. Keep Moving toward Success and it will be that much closer to achieving!!!


First Goal of 2013

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imageSO EXCITED!!! Poster for my first competition of the year just came out!! I always like to have a visual of what I’m workin’ toward. ;0)

The Event has been revealed…now it’s time to start the Great Reveal Process. I can’t wait to see how my trainin’ from June 2012 through June 2013 alters my physique!! Only Time & Extreme Effort will bring that answer into plain view! ;0)

SO READY to get my CHISEL ON!!!


2013 GOALS

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Only 346 Days Left!!!!

Sounds like a TON of time, but we practically blink and we’re yellin’ “Happy New Year!!!” all over again. All that to say….Let’s Do This!!! Whatever THIS is….move toward making it a REAL Accomplishment…not another “Unresolved Resolution” that gets rolled over to the next year, or future years. 

How to Start

There in lies the greatest challenge for some of us….the Starting. And I must say that very concept has sent me into deep thinking, which has led to a number of questions running through my mind: “Why are some people more motivated or driven to excel than others?”, “Is it solely how interested the person is in the topic surrounding the task?”, “Is it a Confidence thing?”, “How a person was raised?”, “Does prior success achieved come into play?” OR….”Does it just boil down to How Badly A Person WANTS IT?” Whatever IT is…

Stay Tuned as I look deeper into this Personal Phenomena and together we will determine how to not just Start, but better yet FINISH!!


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Well……………………Exactly!!  It’s been Exactly TOO Long since my last post! I admit it :0/ Where did the time go?? TIME…the Stuff doesn’t wait for anybody…just keeps on Tick Tick Tickin’ on by….So, with a New Year takin off and already in full swing, I’m just gonna pick up where I left off and BLOG ON!!! Whoo Hoo!!

Time……It’s Time to Refocus, get Motivated and KNOW…..

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