NPC 2012 Jr USA Hardware

The COOL Momento

In my excitement to share the Super FUN time at the NPC 2012 Jr USA competition, it slipped my mine to tell how I placed.

I took 5th place, was hoping for 3rd or 4th, but still need to work on bringin out the definition in my lower half.

While bringing home “Hardware” is always nice, it’s definitely NOT the main source of satisfaction….at least not for me.

Sword Number Two in my Trophy Collection

I’m in it for “The Process”. Don’t get me wrong….I’ve definitely got a competitive streak, but in this sport you never know what types of physique you’ll be standing with on stage. So the only thing in my control is how I go through “The Process”.

I determine if I follow the Fuel Plan, train hard every session in the gym, execute the cardio and get enough rest. All of which allows my physique to become stronger, tighter and more defined.

MENTAL strengthening is another huge benefit to putting all aspects of “The Process” into action.

As long as I continue to improve and bring a better physique to the stage each competition I can claim personal victory!

The best news of all is that this is the one sport that you can continue to make vast improvements as you age!!

Mature Muscle Baby!! So…goin against the norm….TIME is on MY SIDE!! ;o)


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