Competing in SC STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS – Right Call!


So, at the beginning of the year I had one competition in mind – NPC 2012 Jr USAs.

A couple months out from the Jr USAs my Coaches suggested that I consider competing in the 2012 SC STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS as well.

I decided that was a pretty good idea, especially since there was only two weeks between each event. I’d already be lean and ready to go, so why not?! ;o)

Pleasant Surprise!!!

So…Jr USAs came, celebrated at the evening event with some treats backstage (a layered treat that one of my teammate’s mom made – chocolate chip cookie, oreo, brownie – WOW!!) and immediately after the competition, continued the celebration over a steak dinner and nice sweet treat from Kaminsky’s. ;o)

The next day, Sunday May 20th, hung out in downtown Charleston with Hollywood and her man and enjoyed another “FREE” meal at Grill 225’s AMAZING rooftop; Kobe Beef Burger, Waffle Fries and a Bloody Mary…MMM…MMM GOOD!!!

And on the way outta town we did a Kickin’ Chicken “Drive By” for a Hollywood introduction to their Pepper Jack Cheese stuffed pretzel…another “WOW!”

Back in Greenville that evening I allowed myself one last sweet treat after leftovers from steak dinner….a lil Ben & Jerry’s  / Starbucks ice cream ;o)


Come Monday morning, all Carbed up and Ripped, Roarin’ & Ready-to-go….Cleaned my act up and got back ON TASK!!

One week to HIT IT HARD in the gym and then Prep accordingly the week leading into the SC STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS.

My Coach adjusted my Fuel Plan that first week, upping the calories by adding more carbs in the mix and my weight went back up from Jr USA weigh-ins of 115lbs to 122lbs (Note: after the weekend ChuckTown Celebration I weighed in at 123…so actually lost one pound that 1st week after).

Right Call!!!

The “Mini-Celebration Time” and Fuel Plan / Training the 1st week following Jr USAs proved to be a favorable mix and my body responded VERY positively!!

I became tighter and leaner than when on stage at Jr USAs!!!

The Monday of Prep Week leading into SC STATE I weighed in at 120lbs and as of today, the Thursday before I’m down to 115.25!! ;o)

The best part though is that I’m tighter, yet fuller!!

I am totally PSYCHED, STOKED, PUMPED etc… to hit the stage again come Saturday!!! Whoo Hoo!!


Once again, it will be a sheer priviledge to be competing in the same event with fellow Dream Team Teammates!!

Ashleigh “Hollywood” Allison – Bikini, Laura Foster – Figure, and Shauna Robinson – Figure. ;o)

Can’t wait for another FUNFILLED weekend girls!!!!

Look out COLA here we come!!

Art, Science, Sheer Wizardry!!

I can’t end this post without a HUGE shout out to my Coaches…

First, to the Coach in charge of my “Fuel Plan”….my new nickname for him – THE WIZARD!!….Crazy how tweaks here and there can cause the body to respond…it is definitely a Science resulting in Physique Sculpture!!

Second, to the Coach who trains with me and also helps to keep me “fokused”!

Love ya both TONZ!!! ;o)


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