NPC JR USA’s 2012


This past Saturday’s NPC Jr USA’s Bodybuilding Competition went by in a flash!!

I was on and off the stage at Pre-Judging in what seemed like a few seconds!! ;o)

Another reminder that you really must “Enjoy the Moment”!!! 


It was truly a Blast to Share the stage with my DREAM TEAM teammates…Ashleigh “Hollywood” Allison, Marissa Alkire and Jenny Hansen!

It was cool to be in this competition with my newest Gym Buddy, Keith “The Hulk” Wilder too!! I’ve enjoyed gettin to know both he and his cool wife Erin “Iron Fist” Wilder who competes on the Greenville Derby Dames Roller Derby Team. ;o) 

All of us reached new personal goals this training season and brought our best physiques yet to the stage!! ;o)

Appreciate Ya!!

Many THANKS!!! to my Dream Team Family for ALL the support, for cheerin’ for us on stage and for the SWEET TREATS!!! Megan & CupCake Y’all gotz some MAD Bakin SKILLZ GIRLZ!!!

Josh & Keith EXCELLENT call on the post competition location…T Bonez ROCKED!!

Thanks Jay and Laura for making the trip down!! So glad y’all were there!!

Congratz to Travis “Tree Top” Hansen & my teammate Jenny Hansen on 5 years of marriage!! Tree Top –  truly appreciate your support for the Dream Team and your SUPER NICE comments regarding my improvements this training season…means more than you know!! ;o)

Jimmy and Hollywood I had a BLAST chillin’ with you two fine peeps!! And Lindsay…it was nice meeting you and glad you decided to join us Saturday Night!


Enjoyed the Jr USA’s weekend playin’ and eatin’ in Charleston, but now it’s back to the grind!!!

SC STATE Competition in two weeks!!!!


2 Responses to “NPC JR USA’s 2012”

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  2. Love this write up and I am so proud of all of you. I love these pics..

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