Back Stage & Week 14…

Behind the Scenes…

This Season, besides competing at the Jr USAs, State and possibly Nationals, I have a SUPER opportunity to work behind the scenes of several other Bodybuilding Events as an Expeditor!!

What an HONOR to help the competing athletes shine on stage!! Not to mention a great way to meet more folks in this AWESOME Sport!!

Many THANKS!! To my Training Partnah, Friend and IFBB PRO Marie Ann Newman (AKA “MO”) for giving me this SUPER FUN opportunity!!!

Thus far I’ve expedited in both Carolinas –  the Stewart Fitness Charlotte Cup and Glenn Herring Enterprises Palmetto Cup!


The Bodybuilding Team that I am affiliated with, Jim & Mo’s DREAM TEAM, had several of our teammates competing in both of these events….for some it was their FIRST competition!!  So COOL to watch them transform their physiques and then showcase their accomplishments on stage!!

Check’em out on Face Book or any of the show websites for their results!! Trisha Constantine (1st Competition, Palmetto Cup), Maritza Muehleisen (1st 2 Competitions, Charlotte Cup & Palmetto Cup), Laura Foster (1st Competition, Palmetto Cup), Marissa Alkire – Palmetto Cup, Shauna Robinson -Palmetto Cup.

WOW! Contest Prep went FAST!!!

I can’t believe that competition time is almost here….2 Days away, in fact!! SO EXCITED to hit that Charleston, SC stage again!!

Check out 2 weeks vs week 14….CRAZY – Right???!!! (Note: primary goal of these pics was to capture physique changes…hat is quite the fashion statement with my evenin wear suit – huh??!! ;o) )

Look Out ChuckTown – Here Comes the Dream Team!!

This year I will have the sheer pleasure of sharing the stage with 3 other Dream Team teammates!

All of us have worked incredibly hard in preparation of this event and I can’t wait to ENJOY the MOMENT with them!!

Join me in cheerin’ on Figure Competitor – Jenny Hansen, and Bikini Competitors – Ashleigh “Hollywood” Allison and Marissa Alkire!! Whoop!! Whoop!!

(Note: NPC Junior USA Flyer is same info for 2012 as it was for 2011….was unable to find 2012 version.)


A HUGE THANK YOU!!!!! to my Trainers / Friends Jim & Mo for ALL of the encouragement, the Fuel Plan, the posing practice / tweaks and trainin’ with me this season!!!

I couldn’t have accomplished this transformation without ALL of your HELP and SUPPORT.

Y’all ROCK!!!


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