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IT’S ON!!!

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I’ve had the Jr USA 2012 Competition on the brain since the end of the 2011 season!

The somewhat obvious goal between the tail end of 2011 up til 6 weeks ago – to put on LEAN MASS!! (And tighten up the @$$ ;o) ).

Nothin’ Ventured, Nothin’ Gained

I have to admit that I did a lil experimentin’ to try to add more muscle. ;o) Besides liftin’ heavier, I ate more beef and carbs….maybe a few too many carbs ;o/

But as they say….”You could always stay “LEANER” in the off season!” I think I went a tad too far this past off season, but no regrets!

I’m looking forward to what I’m callin’ “The Great Reveal 2012!!” I can’t wait to see what I accomplished as I lean back down for Jr USAs!

Two Weeks In Pics

So…here they are….pics after getting back on the Fuel Plan for two weeks….weighin’ in at approximately 135LBs….

Thanks HollyWood for takin’ the pics!

Tippin the Scale

This time”The Process” started strong and then “Stalled Out”!

I lost a total of 5 LBs the first two weeks then the scale stayed the same for the next 3 weeks!

FINALLY dropped 2 more LBs this week (number 6)!! ;o)

Startin’ to see the beginnings of the “Chisel Effect”! YAY!!!

Til Next time…..Stay Strong and help make someone Stronger!


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