Off Season Fun!

Define “Off Season”

“Off Season” is SUCH a misnomer! And according to the Dream Team philosophy – there is NO “Off Season”.

Bodybuilders – no matter what category (bodybuilding, fitness, figure, bikini, physique) – are ALWAYS training for their next competition.

It’s the PHASE of the training process that changes:

Building Lean Mass Phase – focusing on growing more muscle mass, while minimizing the amount of fat, which requires higher caloric intake and increasing the weight, in terms of pounds lifted when training in the gym.

Leaning Out Phase – focusing on stripping off the layer of fat in order to reveal the added muscle in the prior phase. In other words, becoming “Stage Worthy”. Obviously, to accomplish this requires a reduction in caloric intake, often increasing cardio sessions, still training hard in the gym, all the while trying to maintain the lean mass that was built up. A crazy balancing act! (Note: There are different thoughts pertaining to cardio – how much, or whether it’s included at all.)

Rethinkin’ Thangz…

I’m bring up “Off Season” because I started my personal Off Season sooner than I had originally planned.

Nationals had been my next planned competition, but after chattin’ it up with my trainers, it truly makes more sense for me to allow more time to work on the physique improvements that the Judges have recommended. I would not have had enough time to accomplish those improvements by November. So, in essence I would have been presenting the same package they have already seen at the Pittsburgh, Jr USA and Jr National events.

Action Plan

So – I am in the Building Lean Mass Phase of this crazy sport. Tighten and Tone Baby!!

My sights are now set on competing at the Jr. USA competition in May 2012.

The goal – grow some Legs & Tighten my assets!! ;o)

In the Mean Time

During my time away from the stage, I have been supporting other events in different ways.

I’ve played “Trophy Girl” and had the honor of handing out trophies to the competitors – the most significant being one of my Dream Team teammates!

And most recently, I had the opportunity to do some behind the scenes show prep and show expediting during both the Pre-Judging and Evening portion of the Jen Hendershott’s 2011 All Women’s Weekend & Big Shott Classic.

HOW MUCH FUN!! It was SO cool to be able to make sure all the competing athletes had what they needed, were placed where they needed to be, and most of all to help calm their nerves and ensure that they were having FUN!

And it was even more fun to be able to cheer on the Dream Team girls that were competing in this event!!

Many thanks to my friend and trainer Mo for invitin’ me to join her on this trip and for workin’ out the opportunity for me to help with the show!! What Fun we had in our travels, workin’ the show and playin’ in Charleston!! ;o)

My Favorite Off Season Pastime – Recipivity!

Yep! This seems to be the time where I approach foods from a new perspective and determine new ways to either “Clean” them up, or figure out new ways to enjoy them, while keeping them “Clean”.

Basically, enhancing and expanding my “Fuel Plan”. ;o)

Latest Breakthrough

Can you say SMOOTHIE???!!!

No, I’m not teasin’ y’all here! I have figured out a way to TRULY create a CLEAN Smoothie!

I can hardly contain my own excitement!! Holy Sweet Potato!

Sweet Potato Smoothies (1 Serving)


Frozen Sweet Potato (Cooked & Peeled Sweet Potato (I use my portion size of  3 to 3.5oz) )

Flavored Energy Drink Powder (Branch Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) drink mix) 2 scoops

OR  Flavored Protein Powder…..Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry…..endless options!!

Water – 16 to 20 oz


NOTE: You may need to read the drink mix package to determine how much mix and how much water you will need to add – especially if you are intending to make more than one serving – a great thing to mix up blender full for your next party!!

The frozen sweet potato basically acts as a thickener for the smoothie and will take on whatever flavor of the drink mix used and the energy drink mix or protein powder will add flavor and sweetness without adding sugar. (I use sugar free mixes)



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