Turn About’s Fair Play

2011 Dexter Jackson Classic & IFBB Jacksonville Pro Championships

In past posts I have mentioned my AWESOME Trainers Jim and Marie Ann Newman and their business Custom Fitness for You.

Well, Marie Ann (a.k.a. “Mo”) competed this past weekend in Dexter Jackson’s IFBB Pro Championships. Mo is a Pro in the Figure category.

Those of us whom train under Jim and Mo’s guidance are known as “Jim & Mo’s Dream Team”. Jim and Mo have supported us in ALL of the aspects the crazy sport of bodybuilding requires: nutrition, training, posing and most of all encouraging us to push ourselves to meet our individual goals, PLUS attending our competitions and literally gettin’ us ready to hit the stage (i.e. tanning).

So, it was an honor and a priviledge to have the opportunity to travel to Jacksonville, FLA and offer our support for Mo as she graced the stage.

Mo truly leads by example! Her dedication to her competition preparation, both in the gym and in the kitchen, paid huge dividends in that she hit the stage in Top Condition! In a word, “WOW!”.

Mo ended up placing 6th in the competition, a great accomplishment – no doubt about it – but in the eyes of the Dream Team, she’ll always be #1!!! ;o)

I know I speak for all the Dream Teamers when I say I’m proud of her and proud to be on she and Jim’s Team!!


One Response to “Turn About’s Fair Play”

  1. My wonderful friend this is so sweet. I love you and our friendship means the world to me. We are blessed to have you in the Dream Team family!

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