The Main Event

Well….kinda have a gap in time between chattin’ up all the FUN in ChiTown and the actual Competition…..but here are some photos from the MAIN Event ;o)




Evening Routine….(please feel free to LOL!!!)


2nd Place Statue Ette

Nice to have another piece of hardware…..and nice that the figurine has varied her pose and changed her hair….but it’s still screamin’ 80’s…huh?!! ;o)

Man…now that I look at “Ms. StatuEtte” again….she’s lookin’ a lil possessed! Scary!! ;o)

What’s Next???

I’ve got my sites set on Nationals in November!!

That’ll give me some time to make further improvements ….lower half is “THE” target….believe me I KNOW……;o)

And it will be a great way to wrap up 2011!


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