Post Jr USA Competition Photo Shoot

Who’da Thunk It??

Just prior to headin’ to Charleston, SC for the Jr. USA Competition I received a Face Book Friend Request from Jeff Binns.

As always, I look to see what friends I have in common with the person sending the request and found out that he was friends with my Trainers, Jim & Mo. So, I accepted and sent him a note askin’ how he had met Jim & Mo…..scope’in’ out the whole “Six Degrees of Separation” phenomena…

Turns out he is a photographer with Muscular Development magazine / website and had done a photo-shoot of Mo a few years ago.

Pretty Cool! ;o)

From FaceBook to Face-to-Face

After Check-In / Weigh-In at Jr USAs I headed back out to the lobby where the rest of the Dream Team was hangin’ out.

This guy peeks around our massive Dream Team Heavy Weight- Josh, and gets my attention sayin’ …”Hey, didn’t we just connect via FaceBook?” And to my surprise it was Jeff!

What a Poser!!

As fate would have it, Jeff had an open time slot for a Photo Shoot!

If you’ve figured out anything about this crazy bloggah girl… already know I said…”Cool! I’m In!!” ;o)

(And it just so happened ;o) that I had brought some outfits….just in case ;o) )

If you’re interested in seein’ how much FUN we had……

minor detail

I previously did not include the password = gym

Laugh W/ Me ;o)

Please be gentle….I’m a Rookie ;o) Plus this is the unedited, raw shoot… other words….it’s the complete photo shoot…

Some not so good shots and some pretty hilarious shots in the mix ;o)

I’m ALL about addin’ the “Entertainment Factor”…so please feel free to LYAO!

Jeff is a GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER……not to mention a great person! Check out his website!

Gotta give a shout out to his girlfriend Danielle….she was a HUGE help in gettin’ the better poses nailed down not to mention made it even more FUN!!

Y’all ROCK!! And I consider myself fortunate to have crossed paths with you both! ;o)

Credit to My Coiffeurettes!

And another shout out to my PA Friend Girl, Dawn who originally came for the competition, helped primp me during the shoot. She’s definitely qualified…as she was my hair dresser when I lived in PA. ;o)

I’d be remiss if I didn’t give credit to Mo the IFBB Figure Pro for my current cut / style. (OK!….my current color, cut/style… y’all know ALL my secrets!! Doesn’t get any more transparent than that!!! ;o) )

If you ever find yourself needin’ your woif coiffed in PA look up Debonare Hair Salon….AND if you happen to be in SC look up Just Teasin’ Salon….These two Hair Stylists can definitely hook you up!!


Til the next post….Live, Laugh, Love & LIFT y’all ;o)


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