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Rockin’ ChiTown!

The Dream Team traveled to ChiTown to compete in the NPC 2011 Jr Nationals event held June 17th and 18th.

There were 424 athletes competing in this National Level competition, which was held at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Rosemont, IL – a suburb of Chicago.

Fabulous Female Friday!

As is standard for National Level events, the competition was held over tbe course of two days.

Friday was coined “Fabulous Female Friday” because pre-judging for Fitness, Figure, Bikini and Female Body Building took place that afternoon and evening (however…Women’s Physique did not have pre-judging until Saturday morning with the Male Body Builders….HMMmmmmm??? There Still FABULOUS as far as I’m concerned ;o) )

It was pretty cool to have this NEW schedule! We were able to shower the evening prior to pre-judging and sleep in, as opposed to havin’ to wake up at the crack-o-dawn (typically 4:30am) to get tanned. AND we were able to shower after pre-judging (allowing us to sleep better) and then re-tan Saturday afternoon prior to the evening event.  A Much preferred schedule fo sho!! ;o)

Saturday evening the choreographed / music routines were performed and then the awards were presented for ALL competition categories. (My FAVORITE part!!)


My teammates / roommates and I were wonderin’ what we were gonna do come Saturday, since the Athletes Meeting leading into the evening ceremonies didn’t begin until 5pm.

(Definitely had major time to kill before re-applyin’ the tan)

We were really hopin’ to get out and see some of the town since we’d been held up in the hotel the whole time thus far.

Well……A good friend of the Dream Team made a Spontaneous decision to fly out to Chicago to cheer we girls on! A SUPER SURPRISE!!

Come Saturday mornin’ this Surprise Guest told our Trainers, Jim and Mo, to wake the Dream Team Girls up….we were gonna Paint The Town!!! ;O)


Next thing ya know, we’re cabbin’ it downtown to Navy Pier!

Okay….YES Navy Pier is THE Tourist Trap of ChiTown, but you gotta hit those types of spots your first visit – right??!!

We walked all around Navy Pier….took advantage of several Photo Ops, a ride on the simulator, a lil shoppin’ and had lunch at the Hard Rock. SO FUN!!!!!

Our window of time narrowing down, we needed to catch a cab back to the hotel.

Well….cabs were passin’ us left and right, but all of them were already occupied.

Next thing you know, our Surprise Guest was wavin’ us all over and steerin’ us into a limo!! WHAT A RIDE!!

Dream Team Results…

The Dream Team had four competitors in this event – 2 Figure, 1 Bikini and 1 Female Light Weight Body Builder (you guessed it – c’est moi ;o) ).

Ryan and Megan, the Figure competitors were in two different height classes and both of them placed 9th, Ashleigh placed 6th in Bikini, and I placed 2nd.

Pretty Amazing results!! Top Ten at the National Level is a HUGE accomplishment!!

When In Rome…DEEP DISH!!!

Yep…..when all was said and done we headed to Giordano’s for the Deep Dish Pizza!!!


I’ve been to Chicago a few times in my lifetime, once at the tender age of 8 and then again for business trips over the course of the past few years. However, I have never had the opportunity to truly appreciate ALL that ChiTown has to offer.

That being said…..I was REALLY lookin’ forward to this trip because my aunt, whom recently moved back to her home town of Chicago, was plannin’ to show myself and one of my teammates this incredible city on Sunday, the day after the competition.


Needless to say, the weekend was a BLAST!!!

The Dream Team definitely left a mark in ChiTown, in a good way ;o)

I’m ready to go back any time!!!!


Post Jr USA Competition Photo Shoot

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Who’da Thunk It??

Just prior to headin’ to Charleston, SC for the Jr. USA Competition I received a Face Book Friend Request from Jeff Binns.

As always, I look to see what friends I have in common with the person sending the request and found out that he was friends with my Trainers, Jim & Mo. So, I accepted and sent him a note askin’ how he had met Jim & Mo…..scope’in’ out the whole “Six Degrees of Separation” phenomena…

Turns out he is a photographer with Muscular Development magazine / website and had done a photo-shoot of Mo a few years ago.

Pretty Cool! ;o)

From FaceBook to Face-to-Face

After Check-In / Weigh-In at Jr USAs I headed back out to the lobby where the rest of the Dream Team was hangin’ out.

This guy peeks around our massive Dream Team Heavy Weight- Josh, and gets my attention sayin’ …”Hey, didn’t we just connect via FaceBook?” And to my surprise it was Jeff!

What a Poser!!

As fate would have it, Jeff had an open time slot for a Photo Shoot!

If you’ve figured out anything about this crazy bloggah girl… already know I said…”Cool! I’m In!!” ;o)

(And it just so happened ;o) that I had brought some outfits….just in case ;o) )

If you’re interested in seein’ how much FUN we had……

minor detail

I previously did not include the password = gym

Laugh W/ Me ;o)

Please be gentle….I’m a Rookie ;o) Plus this is the unedited, raw shoot… other words….it’s the complete photo shoot…

Some not so good shots and some pretty hilarious shots in the mix ;o)

I’m ALL about addin’ the “Entertainment Factor”…so please feel free to LYAO!

Jeff is a GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER……not to mention a great person! Check out his website!

Gotta give a shout out to his girlfriend Danielle….she was a HUGE help in gettin’ the better poses nailed down not to mention made it even more FUN!!

Y’all ROCK!! And I consider myself fortunate to have crossed paths with you both! ;o)

Credit to My Coiffeurettes!

And another shout out to my PA Friend Girl, Dawn who originally came for the competition, helped primp me during the shoot. She’s definitely qualified…as she was my hair dresser when I lived in PA. ;o)

I’d be remiss if I didn’t give credit to Mo the IFBB Figure Pro for my current cut / style. (OK!….my current color, cut/style… y’all know ALL my secrets!! Doesn’t get any more transparent than that!!! ;o) )

If you ever find yourself needin’ your woif coiffed in PA look up Debonare Hair Salon….AND if you happen to be in SC look up Just Teasin’ Salon….These two Hair Stylists can definitely hook you up!!


Til the next post….Live, Laugh, Love & LIFT y’all ;o)


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Get it While the Gettin’s Good!!

You know that’ ol sayin’….right??!! Well, to put it a little differently….”Keep Competin’ While FIT & QUALIFIED!” ;o)

2011 NPC Junior Nationals Bodybuilding Championships – Chicago

That being the case….I decided to join my Teammates, Figure Girls – Ryan & Megan, in the upcoming Jr. Nationals competition in Chicago!!

I mean WHY NOT??!! Right??!! ;o)

Sure…I’m a work in progress and still have a LOT of work to do, but I’m Lean, Qualified and havin a TON-O-FUN!! ;o)

So….Look Out C-TOWN…..DREAM TEAMERS are Blowin’ in  – ready to Rock the Windy City!!! ;o)


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Update Delayed Due to Life Happenings….

Life has been crazy busy since Jr USA Competition took place on May 21st! So a bit delayed in updating ;o/

I’ve got a few pics…..but more to come…..waiting on the source…Stay Tuned ;o)

The Results….

The DREAM TEAM ROCKED Charleston, SC in the Jr USA Competition!!  So EXCITING! Love Celebrating the Team’s Success AGAIN!! ;o)

Figure Girls…..Class E – Jenny Hansen placed 2nd and Ashley Heyl placed 6th! Megan Smith Class D placed 5th!

Light Heavy Weights….Daniel Quattlebaum placed 5th and Steven Kay placed 10th!

Women’s Light Weight….ME……placed 3rd! ;o)

Check out this INSANE Trophy!!! Love it!!

To be in the top 10 of a National Level event (the first National Level Competition for each Dream Team member listed) is HUGE!!!

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