Last Friday, May 6th, several members of the DREAM TEAM, and our fearless leaders Jim and Mo, hit the road, caravan style, from SC to PA, at the Crack-O-Dawn!

Pittsburgh Bound for the 2011 NPC PITTSBURGH COMPETITION!!! ;O)

This is the largest amateur event in the nation! And although it is technically a “local level” competition, it is regarded more like a National Level competition. Anyone in pursuit of competing at the National Level and chasin’ a “Pro Card” competes in this event! There were over 300 competitors in the 2011 competition!

The last tunnel through a mountainside literally spit us out on a bridge at the 3 Rivers of downtown Pittsburgh! A GRAND ENTRANCE to say the least!

We arrived around 1pm and had plenty of time to settle into our rooms prior to headin’ over to weigh-in / register at the “Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall” – the auditorium where the 2011 NPC Pittsburgh Competition would take place the next day / evenin’.

Once that exercise was complete, we headed back to the hotel to eat the next meal, chill and then get the last couple of tan layers applied. (Of course we had begun that process Thursday evenin’.)

Tanning completed….it was time to hit the hay and rest up for all the Saturday excitement!

2011 NPC Pittsburgh


2010 Jen Hendershott Big Shott Classic

Thought it would be cool to post side-by-side comparison Pre-Judgin’ Photos from this most recent competition versus my last competition from this past October, The Big Shott Classic.

2010 Big Shott Classic on the left…NPC Pittsburgh photos on the right….







Forgive me for the “small” shots above….I have not had a chance to purchase photos from the event as of yet….and when I do it will take several weeks to get them.

One thing I learned this go around….I was not drinkin’ enough water to get the vascularity I achieved at the Jen Hendershott Big Shott Classic. And the lighting was VERY different on the Pittsburgh stage.  Both of these aspects affected the my presentation in Pittsburgh.

The Reverse Double Bicep photos probably best illustrate the area I was able to improve during the “Off Season”…..my Lats ;o)

2011 NPC PITTSBURGH – Behind the scenes…




More pics to come….we’re gonna compile everybody’s soon ;o)

In the above photos….the first two pics include my Dream Team teammates…the Figure Girls ;o)

Then I’m pictured with a Women’s Middle  Weight Competitor, one of the 6 Professional Bodybuilders whom were the featured Guest Posers  – 3-Time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler, the backstage NPC Expediter – Andy, and Guest Poser Dexter Jackson.

Sweet Victory!

I won the Women’s Bodybuilding Light Weight division!!

That made me eligible for the evening “Pose Down” across weight classes to determine the “Overall” Women’s Bodybuilder Winner, but this time I did not capture that prize. It was a BLAST tryin’!! Gotta LOVE a POSE DOWN! ;o)

Just for Grins!

Continuin’ the Celebration…



So…like I said MORE TO COME…..got great pics of the all the Dream Team members that competed in this event.

The Results!


To see the official results and pictures from the competition, Google “RX Muscle, 2011 NPC Pittsburgh”.

You will have to register to see all the pictures, but it’s no big deal…takes two seconds ;o)

Figure Competitors

Our 3 Figure girls each competed in a different class, due to the fact that they are different heights. Jenny placed 1st, Megan placed 5th and Laura placed 7th!!

1st – 5th place are qualified for National Level competitions, but to place within the top 10 at this particular event is a HUGE accomplishment!

Men’s Bodybuilding Competitors

Two men competed in Bodybuilding, Daniel and Josh.

Daniel placed 7th in Men’s Light Heavy Weight and 1st in the Masters category.

This was the first competition Josh had entered and he placed 10th in the Men’s Heavy Weight category!!

Men’s Physique Competitor

History was in the making in more ways than one at this competition.

First the Dream Team was makin’ their mark! ;o)

Second, this was the first time the Men’s Physique Category had been featured!

Jay had the most KILLER ABS of all the 16 competitors!

As a first time competitor he Rocked the Stage and began layin’ the foundation of his own personal bodybuilding history.

Next on the Agenda…

2011 NPC JR USA Bodybuilding Championships

As of today, May 14th, myself and some of my Dream Team teammates, are 1 week away from competing in the JR USA competition, which will be held May 21st in Charleston, SC!!

The 2011 NPC Pittsburgh competition qualified some of our Dream Team members, making them eligible to compete at the JR USA National Level!

Plus, the judges in Pittsburgh will also be judging the JR USA event!

One might say there was a strategy behind the road trip to Pittsburgh. ;o)

So – STAY TUNED!! Another EXCITING / FUN weekend lies ahead!



  1. Sam Libby Says:

    You Rock Amy!! Great work and so much discipline to look that great! Way to go Amy, gotta give it up to the Dream team, nice work to all!!!

    • Hey Woman!!! How are thangs goin’ with you?
      SOOOO APPRECIATE your positive comments !!

      I’ve still got a LOT of WORK to do on LEGS & GLUTES!!!!

      If you’re ever interested in trainin’ together some time, please let me know!! ALWAYS LOVE to SHARE tips and LEARN new ones!

      Take Care!!
      Keep in touch ;o)

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