Comparison Pics (Season I – Week 8 vs Season II – Week 9)

Time has once again gotten away from me, so these pics are a touch off.

Last season I took update pictures at Week 8 – 2 months into the Fuel Plan.  This season’s pics are actually at Week 9, but still good for comparison sake I believe ;o)

2010 Season photos are on the left 2011 Season Photos w/ ball cap on ;o)




Well…..not far off the mark I’d say….but I could have “Forest-For-The-Trees” Syndrome too… the photo angles, lighting – not to mention “tan” were most definitely NOT the same as last year…..anyway…..

I still need to get measurements… that may speak more to muscle gained from last season to this season.

2.5 Weeks Til Pittsburgh!!!!!  WOW!!

My Trainer tweaked the Fuel Plan significantly the past couple of weeks! Goodbye Carb serving….Goodbye Nuts Serving ;o/

And HELLO H2O!!  Gotta drink the water to lose the water…..1 to 2 gallons per day for next couple of weeks then we’ll taper off the week leading up to competition day.

What a CRAZY Science Project – huh?!! ;o)


2 Responses to “Comparison Pics (Season I – Week 8 vs Season II – Week 9)”

  1. Holy LATS batman! Thicker all the way around. Id say my fellow Paisano had put on some size this off season!! Wooohoo!!

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