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Recipivity To Be Continued….

Posted in Uncategorized on March 27, 2011 by MoJoTiVatioN®

Those MUCH needed ZZZZzzzzz…..gotta go catch some now, but I have several more tasty meals / treats to share with you!

Stay Tuned! Cuz your sweet tooth is gonna LOVE the Sutter Girl ;o)

Look for the post by the tail end of the week.

Until then…..Stay Strong!


6 Weeks Out!

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Where Ya Been?

Okay….so it’s been a while since I’ve entered a post…..but I’ve been CRAZY!!

Trainin’, Travelin’ (4 BIZ), Fuelin’ Up and findin’ time to catch the MUCH needed ZZZzzzzz….the essential ingredient to buildin’ up whatz been broken down by the weight liftin’.

Whatz Cookin’?!

Speakin’ of “Fuelin’ Up”……

I’ve been mixin’ it up in the Sutter Kitchen!! “Recipivity” is my THANG ya know ;o)

Check out these new eatz and by all means let me know whatchathink….and any ideas these may inspire.

All about sharin’ new ways to make ya’ll’s taste buds sing!


Who said Body Builders can’t eat noodles? Well my trainer for one ;o)

That is until I introduced him to a product my friend from the gym, Lisa, showed me. Shirataki Tofu Noodles!!

These soy based noodles are classified as a VEGETABLE on the “Fuel Plan”…a MAJOR SCORE!!

You can choose either Fettucine style or Spaghetti style noodles. And all you have to do is drain, rinse, drain and heat’em up!

They have the texture of “real” noodles and are tasty too!

Here’s a couple ideas on how to eat’em…..

Tofu Noodle Marinara

Basically, the classic way to enjoy noodles. I created my own Marinara sauce using tomato puree, to which I added sauteed onions, mushrooms, zucchini and italian seasoning mix (no salt). Then I added in the noodles until heated through.

Tofu Noodle Chicken Sautee

This dish is simply sauteed vegetables (onion, mushrooms and zucchini), diced up pre-baked chicken and the tofu noodles. Of course you could then add the Marinara to this as well.

The noodles come two servings to a package and let me tell ya one serving is VERY filling when dressed up as described above!!

Texas Wrap Up!

The next two creations were inspired by Lettuce Wraps….a great way to enjoy Diced up Chicken, Ground Turkey, Ground Beef, and Tuna too!

Ground Turkey (or Beef) Tex Mex Wrap

Sautee an onion, maybe some mushrooms with that as well.

Once they cook down, add in your ground turkey, the portion I am allowed to have is 5.5oz (ground beef 5oz).

Then season it up! I typically use Cumin, Hot Curry, White Pepper, Red Pepper, and Chili Powder.

Stir it up to cook the ground turkey (beef) in small bits.

This makes the ground Turkey or Beef go farther, or seem like more to eat, plus it’s the perfect way to create the filling for your lettuce leaves.

I like to eat mini bell peppers (as pictured above), or the bigger, long narrow red peppers (pictured below) with the ground turkey (or beef) as well. If you cut the peppers and remove the seeds, you can use the peppers as carriers for the ground turkey / beef filling. Delicioso!!

9 Weeks Out!!

Posted in Uncategorized on March 5, 2011 by MoJoTiVatioN®

Man time is flyin’ by as usual!! As of today, 9 weeks out from the Pittsburgh competition!

I just finished up the 3rd week back on the Fuel Plan. It’s goin’ well down another 1.75LBs.

Maybe after next week the coveted ReFeed Meal will be granted!! ;o)

Elixir to Fixir

Something new that I’m tryin’ this go around is a supplement drink mix – XTEND. This was one of the items included in my prizes from the 2010 Jenn Hendershott BIG SHOTT CLASSIC competition.

This powder supplement claims to enhance recovery, reduce fatigue, decrease soreness, build muscle and burn fat. It’s sugar, stimulant and calorie FREE and the Blue Raspberry flavor is very tasty when adding the recommended 2 scoops to 25oz of water! It’s basically a supplement containing L-Leucine, L-Glutamine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine, Citruline Malate and Vitamin B6.

I’m all about supplementing naturally occurring amino acids. And anything that’s gonna help me build muscle is worth a try!

It’s the 5R Training Cycle – Resistance, Recover, Repair, Rebuild, Repeat!

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