Season 2011 – New Beginning

The “Off-Season” officially came to an end on Valentines Day 2011. And I’m LOVIN’ bein’ back in the “ON” mode!!

I’m SO excited to see the “Reveal” as I work each week to trim off the fat and see the muscle development that resulted from HARD work in the gym from October 21st 2010 up til February 14th 2011. I increased the weight lifted for all body parts and from what my trainers and teammates say – I’ve definitely started this season with more muscle mass!! ;o)

Well, just like last season, I recorded body measurements one week after starting the “Fuel Plan”.

As mentioned in one of the recent posts my body composition is different this year and the measurements/photos speak to that as follows:

June 28, 2010                                                  February 20, 2011

Weight: 122 LBs                                           126 LBs (weighed 130 week prior)

Chest: 31.375″           35″ (definitely not bust – hopefully due to Lat development)

Waist: 26.125″                                             28″

Hips: 36.375″                                               37.125″

Mid-Thigh L/R: 20.125″                            20.7″(L), 21″(R)

Flexed Bicep: L 11.9″, R 11.8″                   12″(L), 11.75″(R)  (Surprised by this because arms look bigger??)

Body Fat %: 21.9%                                      TBD

I have not had a chance to get the Body Fat % Calculation….so I’ll report that this upcoming week.

First Photos

Rookie Season 2010 photos on left…2011 Season on right…


So…stay tuned….as last season, I plan to post the next set of photos at the 8 week mark.

Chisel Challenge Phase II in motion!!



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