2011 – New Year, New Challenge…..


While I’m still reveling in the amazing aspects livin’ life brought in 2010, I’m SO looking forward to what 2011 has in store!

Today’s “SOUTHERN SNOW STORM”  is just one example of the FUN & EXCITING happenin’s to be and still yet to come! To my fellow southernahs experiencin’ this storm, I hope ya’ll put together your own “WINTRY MIX-O-FUN” and did some SERIOUS playin’ in that fluffy white stuff – maybe even made a little “Snow Cream” treat??!! Oh Yeah!! ;o)

My crazy dog Samson and my crazy Sutter-Self ran through the snow down to “Dead Man’s Hill”, along with the rest of the neighborhood, to hike the hill and sled back down! Then we just ran around in the powder like bees were chasin’ us! TOO MUCH F.U.N. people!! Gotta LIVE in the MOMENT life brings! ;o)

New Year, New Challenge(s), New Category!

The “Chisel” factor remains the ultimate goal as I wave goodbye to 2010 and commence 2011, yet there are several distinct differences to take into consideration: My 2011 “Starting Point”, the new challenges I face in preparing for the 2011 competitions and the New Category of Competition.

Starting Point

Different Body Composition

First, the starting point. My body composition is much different now, as I leave “Off-Season” mode and head back into the “Competition Preparation” mode, than in June of 2010, when I began preparing for the September competition.

In June, the main goal was to get as lean as possible (shedding as much fat as possible) in the 13 weeks leading up to my first competition, while maintaining the lean muscle mass I possessed at that point in time. In other words, I really didn’t have time to build additional muscle mass – the time was more focused on shedding fat.

Off Season Mode

My personal “Off Season” began the moment I walked off the stage after having competed in Jen Hendershott’s BIG SHOTT CLASSIC October 23rd and will last through the 16th of January. I will then be exactly 16 weeks out from my next competition.

So, what happens in the “Off Season”?

Well, here’s how I approached it….I still ate five meals a day at the same protein levels, but added extra carbohydrates and fat servings. On several occasions I allowed myself to indulge. You know…homemade Christmas cookies, good wine, and a few cocktails here and there – afterall “Tis the Season”! ;o)

I kept up my trips to the gym, in fact, I increased the weight I was lifting on all of the exercises performed and backed off cardio a touch.

This past weekend, during a Dream Team training session, I had the opportunity to ask my trainer, Jim, his opinion on how I had performed in my first “Off Season” mode. To my pleasant surprise, or relief, he told me he thought I had done great! And that he was very impressed with how FIT I had stayed!

I shared with him that I had gained 12 pounds (two more than what I had targeted), but that I seriously hoped some of that was in MUSCLE since my clothes were still fitting looser at that same weight a year earlier. Again he boosted my confidence by stating that he definitely thought I had gained muscle by my appearance.

A definite change in Body Composition…..and thus a different starting point as I enter back into “Competition Preparation” mode. Therefore, I will have less fat to shed and more muscle to reveal!

“Physique” – The 2011 New Competition Category

The National Physique Committee (NPC) has decided to introduce both Men and Women’s Physique as new competition categories.

The following information pertaining to this new category’s stipulations comes from the NPC’s website.

NPC Requirements of Women’s Physique Division (WPD)

The NPC created the Women’s Physique (WP) category to provide a platform to women who enjoy weight training, competing, and contest preparation.

Sound like anybody ya’ll might know?? :O) Women’s Physique is EXACTLY what I had in mind when I entered into this sport! Especially, since I want to focus on achieving definition naturally.

The Goal

The primary focal point, or goal of the of the competitors is Muscular Definition, as opposed to Muscle Mass in the Women’s Bodybuilding category. Women competitors should strive to achieve toned, athletic physiques that showcase femininity, muscle tone, and beauty/ flow of their physiques.

NPC Judging Criteria

Symmetry, Shape, Proportion, Muscle Tone, Poise and Beauty Flow

Examples of common terms used in the Bodybuilding industry that will NOT be descriptive of what the judges will be looking for in Women’s Physique include: Ripped, Shredded, Peeled, Striated, Dry, Diced, Hard, Vascular, Grainy, Massive, Thick, Dense, etc.

All types of physiques will be considered based on height, weight, structure, etc. Yet, excessive muscularity should be scored down accordingly.

WP should be judged as a standard between Women’s Figure and Women’s Bodybuilding.

Judging Format

Prejudging: Individual 1 minute routine with 10 second warning, quarter turns, mandatory posing comparisons / callouts

Finals: Individual posing routine

Awards: At the Junior USA and Junior Nationals the top 2 qualify for professional status, at all other National events including Team Universe, USA, North American and Nationals the top 3 will qualify for pro status. The NPC wants to set the standard at the Junior Events and therefore they are only qualifying the top 2.

The Rules

Suits worn by WP competitors for prejudging must be a two piece, do not have to be solid in color, the bottoms MUST be V-Shaped and NO thongs are permitted. All suits must be in good taste.

Mandatory poses will be performed with open hand style and include the following poses:

Front Double Biceps / open hands (no flat footed full pose – some sort of front twisting pose)

Back Double Biceps / open hands

Side Tricep with leg extended

Side Chest with arms extended

Front Ab/Thigh

Finals Routine

The Finals Routine will be a maximum of 90 seconds in length, performed to music of the athletes choice adhering to the NPC rules. Music cannot contain profanity or explicit language. No props will be used. No heels may be worn at any time during the competition / judging of WP.

Next Steps

I plan to thoroughly enjoy this last week of “Fuel Freedom”!

Then, beginning January 17th I’ll be back on the “Contest Preparation Fuel Plan”, which basically gives me the freedom to achieve Definition at the Next Level!

I’m ready to begin the process that will ultimately reveal a New, 2011 Chiseled Creation!!


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