2010 NPC Stewart Fitness Bodybuilding Championships

Competition Weekend!!

Travelin’ to Lexington, SC

The plan was to arrive at the “Host Hotel” in Lexington, SC by late afternoon on Friday, September 17th. Mo would then contact Megan and I to determine the time and place to “Mahoganize” our current caucasian skin.

The Sutter Suite….A.K.A. “Tan Central”

Takin’ Jim’s best interests into consideration, the decision was made to set up the Sutter Suite as “Tan Central”. The layout of my 4th level Penthouse Suite (as that was the top floor ;o) ) was perfect for setting up the Tannin’ Tent because there was a pretty large fourier at the entrance of the room. Plus the light was positioned directly over the center at the top of the tent. Lighting is a critical aspect in ensurin’ that the tan layers are applied evenly. In fact, Jim and Mo brought a halogen lamp along as well. Once we got the tent and spray equipment ready to go, we called Megan to join us. Mo applied a layer on me, then I dried while she applied a layer on Megan. We did this a couple of times so that we each had two good coats and once we were dry enough, we put on our baggy pants and black XL Dream Team T-Shirts to wear down to registration.

Weigh and Pay!

Fortunately, registration was in one of the hotel meeting rooms just down the hall from the hotel lobby. We sauntered into the room, lookin’ more “Tropical” than when we arrived at the hotel, and greeted the registration folks with our paperwork and cash. I was instructed to weigh in next. Well….I didn’t really think about that aspect prior, so I had not put on a bathing suit under my baggy pants and XL t-shirt. The guy weighin’ me in asked if I thought I’d be able to make weight (max of 115 for Light Weight category) in my clothes. I told him I’d weighed in at 111Lbs without clothes and ought to be fine. Otherwise, I’d be standin’ “buck-arss naked” on the scale in front of him to make weight. Thankfully I weighed in at 112Lbs! He said, “Well, looks like it’s gonna be a boring night for me.” ;o)

Tan, Tan, Tan…”Mo” Tan

With registration taken care of, we headed back to “Tan Central” for Mo to apply a couple more layers on Megan and myself. And with that we were officially “Mahoganized”. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Looked GREAT!!

About 8:30pm Megan, Mo and I said our “Good Nights” and they left the Sutter Suite. Mo said she’d plan on arriving at 5:15am the next mornin’ to apply a touch up coating based on how the tan soaked in and how our pajamas (long sleeve shirt and pants) affected it.

Rise N’ Tan

I was a little bit nervous when I shed my robe to put on my pajamas the night before. I had been sittin’ on the sofa, watchin’ TV,  and was leanin’ forward to eat my dinner. When I took of my robe, my abdominal area looked kinda jacked up and the top of my quads where my arms had been resting too. I figured the scheduled mornin’ touch up would blend it in and went to bed – no worries.

Like clock work, knock on the door 5:15am.  Naked as a Jay Bird and ready for touch up tannin’, I realized that the tan had soaked in really well overnight! Even the polka dot areas we noticed the night before, where the skin wasn’t takin’ in the tan – some kind of skin funk that only shows up when you get sun exposure / tan product applied, had also blended evenly! YAY!!

Facial Foundation

Now that our bodies were good to go, the next step was addressin’ the face. It is super critical to blend the face with the body. Otherwise, you’d look freakish! Once again, Megan and I were thankful to have Mo’s expertise at hand – literally. ;o)

Foundations set, Mo left to get herself ready leavin’ Megan and I to apply our own eye make up and get suited up. Megan loves to play make up artist – especially on eyes – so I let her handle my beautification. ;O) Fun Stuff!!

Athletes’ Meeting #1

Showed up at the venue, Lexington High Auditorium, with baggy pants and Dream Team XL t-shirt coverin’ up our Posing Suits. Shortly there after, IFBB Pro – Johnny Stewart – the man behind the competition – greeted the competitors and thanked us f0r competing. Then his assistant gave us instructions regarding pickin’ up our number, goodie bag, and the particulars regarding the locker rooms and designated areas to lift weights to get pumped up and sprayed with cooking oil to get that nice on stage sheen. ;o)

As I went through the process of getting my number, competitor badge, etc., I was asked if I would be interested in competing in the Women’s Master category, in addition to the Women’s Light Weight category, as there was only one woman entered in that category. I figured, why not, I was there and would either place first or second! ;o)

Ladies Locker Room

Megan, LeAnn and I claimed our spots, being the first of the ladies to arrive in the locker room. It was a nice, spacious area that was well suited for the number of lady competitors, whom filtered in shortly after.

All the sudden, Mo and Johnny Stewart’s girlfriend, MJ (also a IFBB Figure Pro), came kinda runnin’ into the locker room. MJ welcomed all of us and noted that several of the ladies were first time competitors. She asked that those more seasoned competitors help to make the experience positive and for us to lend each other a helping hand as needed. It was a nice way to set a positive vibe amongst the competitors. Then, she went on to tell us that we needed to be on guard with our behavior because a certain TV channel was filming one of the lady bodybuilding competitors!!  TV Ya’ll!! Who knows…might end up on a TV episode! ;o)


I asked the girl how she scored being filmed by this certain TV channel. She said she had a friend that worked for, or with, the channel and that they were shooting a documentary in hopes of developing a reality TV show on Women’s Bodybuilding!! VERY COOL!! I found out that she was originally from California, but is now residing in my home town of Hotlanta. We got to talkin’ about other things and of course FOOD came up. ;o) She was curious if I had figured out a good way to cook Cod. I said I hadn’t been eatin’ any Cod, but had some good ideas for other white fish I’d been eatin’, such as Tilapia, Orange Roughy and Mahi Mahi. We had to cut the conversation short because it was time to get “Pumped Up” and “Oiled Down”!!

(NOTE: I have purposely not named the TV Channel with whom this girl was affiliated out of respect for the project, since it is in the works and yet to be completed and made public.)


My trainer, Jim, had come in right after Mo and MJ, to inform us of the order in which the various competition categories were lined up for Pre-Judging. And he explained how much time he would allow prior to each category going on stage so that we could properly prepare.

Before I knew it he was callin’ Ladies Light Weight competitors to get ready and then we were on stage, front and center before the panel of Judges!!

They called out the mandatory poses, we posed on cue, “relaxed” on cue, executed the next pose on cue, “relaxed” again and repeated that cycle until we had gone through all the required poses. Next, we each performed our individual, 60 seconds pose routine. Then we were told they’d look forward to seein’ us that evenin’. That took all of about 8 minutes!!

13 WEEKS of TRAININ’ for 8 minutes of stage time???!!! Kinda crazy…ya think??

I was even more glad that I had decided to compete in the Masters category just to get more stage time and face time in front of the Judges!

Post Posin’

Megan and I went and got our stuff from the Ladies Locker Room and took it to some empty seats in the back of the auditorium, where we sat and watched the remaining Pre-Judging categories pose. Upon completion of the entire session, we went and spoke to our supporters. Megan’s boyfriend Josh, Daniel and Jaime, all of which are Dream Team teammates of ours, but were not competing in this event and our trainers Jim and Mo. They were all very complimentary of our “first-time” performance. ;o)

We then grabbed our stuff, checked out the freebie stuff in the Expo and then headed back to the hotel to eat and rest.

Mo said she’d call us mid afternoon to decide when to come touch up our tans as needed prior to changing into our “Evening Wear”.

Hurry Up & Wait

I got back to my room, heated up my food and chillaxed for a while – took a little power nap! Before I knew it we were touchin’ up our tans, make-up, suitin’ up and headin’ back to Lexington High Auditorium for the evening showcase.

Athletes’ Meeting #2

Shortly before the evenin’ awards presentation / showcase was due to begin, the athletes were assembled for a second meeting. Once again Johnny Stewart thanked us for competing and then his assistant gave us the run down regarding the category order for the evening’s trophy ceremonies and posing routines. He also requested that as the trophies were presented and winners were announced to maintain sportsman-like conduct and to take up any concerns with him after the show. Finally, he mentioned some up coming competitions, encouraging us to come back for more. Then it was time to head back to the locker rooms, apply last-minute touch-ups, pump-ups, oil downs and wait for Jim to expedite us through the course of the evening’s events. EXCITING!!

Trophy Ceremonies

Women’s Light Weight Bodybuilding & Women’s Masters Bodybuilding

Jim got us ready to head out on stage for the moment we’d all been waitin’ for  – claimin’ our prizes!

First up – Women’s Masters Bodybuilding

No pressure…..Linda and I were following the female guest bodybuilding poser, Monique Jones A.K.A. “BIG SEXY”. We thought Jim would line the two of us up in numerical order, myself, with the lower number, then Linda and that we would perform our 90 second routines in that same order. Well, he reversed it on us and then the MC through in another monkey wrench announcing an unscheduled intermission upon Monique completing her routine. I know Linda was relieved!

Show Time!!

Intermission over, audience back in their seats, the MC got the show back on the road. Linda was introduced and performed her 90 second routine. Meanwhile, the MC was confirming how to pronounce my last name,  I told him”It’s Sutter – “Butter” with an “S”.”

As Linda exited the stage, I entered to get positioned center stage with my back to the audience. Introduction. Music. Action!! (Mo and Jim told me later that I had Rocked the House! The audience had gone WILD! And that Marion Benton, one of the Judges, who never comments on the choreographed routines had said, “She seems like the most awesome person!” Mo said she agreed with him and that I was on her Dream Team! ;O) Later at dinner, Megan’s sister also took a moment to express the positive crowd reaction and how she enjoyed my routine too. I was thrilled and humbled to hear the amazing reactions!)

After completing my routine, Linda and I were re-introduced and headed back center stage for the award presentation. Linda took First Place and I received second!

Second Up – Women’s Light Weight Bodybuilding

The Bikini category followed Women’s Masters Bodybuilding, so while they were receiving their awards Jim was linin’ we Light Weight Bodybuilders up off stage. The MC introduced LeAnn and she performed her 90 second routine. She did great!!

Then the three of us in the Light Weight Category were centered up on stage before the judges and the audience. The MC, announced LeAnn (my Dream Team teammate) had placed FIRST!, Linda second and I was third!  YAY! So excited for LeAnn as this put her in the running for winning the “Women’s Overall”, which she ended up winning as well!!! To say she was THRILLED is the understatement of the new decade!! ;o)

Last Show Segment

The remaining portion of the show consisted of another guest poser performance by Malcolm “House Shaka” Marshall followed by the Men’s Open Bodybuilding categories: Bantam, Light, Middle, Light Heavy, Heavy, and Super Heavy weights. Most of which I watched from side stage.

I say most, because at one point I had to run out front to purchase the professional photographs that had been taken immediately following my Pre-Judging performance and to place my order for the DVD.

Meetin’ In the Ladies Room

I took my final trip to the Ladies Locker Room to gather my stuff and discovered that the only ladies still there were the TV Channel Girl and her two-lady film crew. TV Channel Girl said that she’d like to get my contact information. She had written down “Chef” on a piece of paper, referrin’ to me as a reminder to get my information. ;o)

Once we had exchanged contact info, I took the opportunity to ask what kind of spin they planned to put on this documentary / reality TV show. I was SO glad to hear the word “POSITIVE” roll off their lips! I suggested that they get in touch with my trainer Mo, IFBB Figure Pro, who’d been in the industry for a number of years to gain a positive perspective worth tellin’. We chatted awhile longer and I headed back side stage to see Steve (my other Dream Team teammate – LeAnn’s husband) claim Second Place in his category and the end of the show.

TV Channel Girl and crew were headed out, leaving via side stage. She stopped gave me a hug and said she’d see me at Nationals in Atlanta.

Photo Opts!!

After the show ended, Megan, LeAnn, Steve and I took all kinds of pictures of each other together with our trophies. Then we tracked down Jim, Mo and Johnny to have our pictures taken with them too.


Finally, we hit the parkin’ lot and headed toward the restaurant row area. O’Charley’s became our dinner destination. Our “After Party” consisted of Josh, Megan, both of their family members that attended, Jim and Mo and the newest addition to the Dream Team – Figure Girl -Jenny accompanied by her husband Travis. LeAnn, Steve and their crew had decided to go to Applebee’s.

I got a steak (first time I’d be havin’ beef in 13 weeks!) with sweet potato fries, a roll and side salad. Megan chowed down on a BIG ‘ol BURGER and fries!

Megan’s family had brought her a container full of her favorite peanut butter cupcakes, one of which she informed me had my name on it. ;o)

Callin’ It A Night!

Dinner downed, and all of us full as a tick and exhausted, we headed back to the hotel to call it a night. That’s when Megan realized that when she had taken her posin’ suit to the car she had left both the suit and the car keys in the trunk of Josh’s car. OOPS!! ;o/

No big deal……Josh said he’d wait on AAA to take care of it. So, Megan and the cupcakes rode back to the “Sutter Home Suite” with me!

Megan and I chilled out for bit in the “Sutter Suite” and then said our goodnights.

I was so tired, yet still wired so I stayed up watchin’ TV, ate my now chilled peanut butter cupcake and some of the chocolate Mo & Jim had given me in my “Goodie Bag”!!  Around 12:30am, I finally went to sleep!

Bodybuilding Bug Bit!

What an INCREDIBLE experience!!

Mo predicted it would happen and she was 100% accurate – I’ve been bit!

All along I had planned to participate in this competition as a “Trial Run” prior to the Mid Atlantic Classic.

Well…..plans have changed. Instead, I’m goin’ to compete at The Big Shott Classic!

This is a Men and Women’s Bodybuilding competition that is runnin’ in tandem with Jen Hendershott’s All Women’s Weekend Fitness, Figure and Bikini Competition. (Hence the “Shott”)

I’ve got a little over 4 weeks to continue to tighten thangs up!! Whoo! Hoo!


Thanks for joinin’ me in my 13 week trainin’ journey!!


I SO APPRECIATE you takin’ time to read my blog postings and for all of your Encouragement and Support along the way!!

Stay Tuned…

I plan to keep adding posts covering: Excellent Bodybuilding Resources for Training Techniques, Sutter Girl “Recipivity”, and Competition Details.

Let me know of any other topics of interest and I’ll throw that info in the mix too!!


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  1. Amy,

    You are such an inspiration to this sport. One member who never (NEVER) complained once and always (ALWAYS) was positive through the whole experience. It’s amazing to me that this little spark plug could put any big man to shame in the contest prep area. Jim and I are so very proud of what you have accomplished with this show. Each of our Dream Teamers have helped us grow too and I am very proud of you all and love each and everyone of you. Thank you for what you brought to our lives. You Rock Sutter Girl>>> Good luck with the next one… Mo

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