Havin’ A Blast!!

Time Flies When You’re Havin’ Fun!

As they say…….and this entire process has been a BLAST!!

Man that was a super FAST 13 Weeks of Trainin’!!  The Competition is TOMORROW Ya’ll!!!!!  :O) WHOO HOO!!!

Week 12

So, in my last posting, I was recappin’ Week 11 during Week 12……still trainin’ hard last week. The only difference was a tweak to the Fuel Plan with a slightly lower Carb intake. And the other significant happening was the LAST Posing Practice session held on Sunday, September 12th.

Week 13

This being the week leading up to the Competition, things changed significantly!

The Fuel Plan had fats added back in Monday through Wednesday. Saturday through Wednesday required training all body parts and performing cardio in the mornings. Thursday, fats were removed, Carbs added and no weight training – only cardio in the morning. Today – REST!

Liquid and Sodium intake were also changed up. Drinking normally Monday through Wednesday and up til 6pm on Thursday but keeping sodium intake very low. After 6pm Thursday very little water. Friday morning until noon, water consumption back to normal, but from then until “Show Time” sipping as necessary.

OH!!! And the biggest difference this week……the application of the BASE TAN!!  LOVE IT!!

AND…..Majorly practicin’ my 60 second and 90 second Posing Routines!!! I

I practiced 0n my own in front of a mirror, then without a mirror. I invited two of my neighbors over on separate occasions for two more runs, and I practiced in one of the small studios at my gym, both on my own and in front of Cindy and then Barb, two of my gym friends. I wanted to make sure I had ALL the moves down and get some input, as Cindy was a dancer in her day. ;o)

Layer Number 1

Wednesday (September 15th) Mo and I had planned to get together so I could take a look at makeup she said I could borrow. I needed African American foundation in order to properly blend my face into the Mahagony level of tan that would soon cover my entire body!

As it turned out, Mo called to see if I could come over earlier that evenin’ so that she could apply Layer Number  1 of my tan. I was too excited!!

I took this opportunity to run through my 90 second choreographed to music posin’ rountine again in front of both she and Jim. They Loved It!! Jaime, a Dream Team teammate, ended up comin’ over for some tannin’ action too. So, I took the opportunity to run through it again in front of her. She too thought it was cool. ;O)

Here We Go!!

I’m TOTALLY PSYCHED, STOKED, to compete!!  My trainers have done an AMAZING job preparin’ me for this event!!

Pics to come……and results should be posted at http://www.stewartfitness.com ;o)

And of course I’ll recap the event from the “Sutter Perspective”


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