5 Weeks Until I Compete!!

Two New Types of Torture

As fast as the first 8 weeks flew by, 5 weeks seems like tomorrow!

My trainers and I are thrilled with what I’ve accomplished thus far, but there is a lot more to improve upon in the time remaining.

Two focal points – Glutes & Quads.

Therefore, I have added two new types of torture to my trainin’ routine to sculpt these muscle groups:

1) Dead Man’s Hill

The Approach

The Warning

The Incline

Boundings & Walking Lunges

Basically, I have begun to perform “Boundings” and “Walking Lunges” up this miniature mountain.

For those of you unfamiliar with “Boundings”, this exercise is done by pushing off one foot, up-hill and slightly out to the side, landing on the opposite foot, and then pushing up and to the other side. All of your weight is shifting from on leg to the other as you work your way up the incline.

A true Quad Burner!

Walking Lunges are probably not a “new” exercise to most readers, but I’ll offer a description of this move anyway. To perform this exercise you extend one foot straight out, allowing the knee to line up directly over the ankle upon landing the foot. So, you end up with a 90 degree angle at the knee-joint when it bends. The opposite leg is now straight behind you, almost parallel to the ground. You push-off the forward foot to extend the opposite foot straight forward to achieve this 90 degree angle with the other leg and continue to alternate legs as you work your way forward, or in this scenario, up the incline.

A great exercise to work the entire lower half of the body. So – another way to target the Glutes & Quads….but incorporating the calves and abdominals as well. ;0)

2) Ballet Bar

Pure Pain

At first glance, this device seems pretty harmless. Yeah…..ever heard the phrase “Looks can be deceiving.”?

Simply insert the DVD and press “Torture”….I mean “Play”. Then follow the pretty lady’s evil instructions. She has developed an entire routine to cause your tender, fragile, innocent Glutials to undergo an incinerator burn, which results in, I swear, an audible scream. Oh yeah…that was me screamin’…along with Maximus and Minimus in full unison!

She doesn’t stop there, no, she pays plenty of attention to your legs, abs and is only somewhat lenient on the arms.


Bottom Line

I better get some INCREDIBLE results as a result of endurin’ these endeavors!!  ;o)


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