Week 7

7 Weeks Down…6 to Go!

Wow! Time is flyin’ by and the weight is sheddin’ off! I was down eleven pounds!  But at weigh in this week had fluctuated back up 2LBS. Not sure what to attribute that too, other than perhaps Ragweed Season killin’ my sinuses and havin’ to take some meds to address the issue?? Water retention? Don’t know…cause I’m still workin’ out HARD & stickin’ to the Fuel Plan like Glue!!

Field Trip!!

Capped off the end of week 7 with a little field trip to Sparkle City! (That’s Spartanburg, SC for those of you who ain’t “locals”)

My Dream Team teammate, LeAnn and I headed to the USC Upstate Performing Arts Center for the NPC Upstate Classic Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure & Bikini Competition!

Attending the competition presented a new source of motivation & REALLY got us fired up to KILL IT the remaining 6 weeks!! It was also a learning experience in terms of the attire (colors that look good on stage), tanning, and posing techniques. Very worthwhile!!


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