Sutter’s Recipivity – 3 New on the Menu!

Sweet Frites!

Good Carbohydrates ya’ll! That’s what we gotta be eatin’!! And Sweet Potatoes are my favorite in that category!! The serving size, or portion, that the Fuel Plan lists is 2.5 to 3oz, based on the protein source accompanying the sweet potato serving.

So, to stretch this portion out, I came up with the idea of makin’ Sweet Potato Fries (or Pomme Frites in the French vernacular). You can cut’em into “shoe strings”, or go for a thin wider cut. Whatever it takes to trick your brain into thinkin’ your gettin’ more than you really got. ;o)

Whatcha Need

1 Small Sweet Potato (cleaned, but NOT peeled)


Coarse Salt

Cayenne Pepper (optional…for those who can take the heat ;o) )

Non-stick No Calorie Cooking Spray

No Calorie Olive Oil Spritz

Spritz & Sprinkle

Spray a roasting pan with non-stick cooking spray. Cut your sweet potato to your liking (whichever you prefer as described above).  Lay the slices flat in the roasting pan. Spritz the tater slices with the No Calorie Olive Oil, Sprinkle the slices with a touch of Coarse Salt, Cinnamon and the Cayenne Pepper if you’re feelin’ “Spicy”!

Pop the pan in the oven on 375 degrees for approximately 25 minutes, or until soft -or as crunchy as you may want them, I like mine soft and the skin gives a crunch.  ;O)

Salito Trainito

(A.K.A.Chisel Challenge Mexican Salad)

I absolutely LOVE Mexican food, but it definitely takes some “Recipivity” to keep my “Mexican Fix” to the Low-Cal, Fuel Plan standards. KWIM? (Know What I Mean?)

I was up to the challenge – so here tis….

Los Ingredientos

Mixed Greens, or whatever type of lettuce you like….Romaine, Bibb….etc.

Salsa (At LEAST Medium Heat, if you’re in the SUTTER Kitchen!)

Mini Yellow, Red, and Orange Bell Peppers

5.25oz. Ground Turkey (All White Meat)

Red Onion

Lime (about 1/4 of it)

Spices: Coarse Salt, Coarse Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Cumin (all to taste)


Go ahead and plate the mix greens. Then cut the mini bell peppers in half (length wise) and de-seed them. I fan the sliced peppers around the border of the plate. ;o)

Dice the red onion.

Spray a saute pan with non-stick / no calorie cooking spray, heat the pan and add the onion to it. Once the onion has sweated, add the ground turkey stir around to cook turkey into “crumbles” – not one big blob. Add the spices, stirring them thoroughly into the ground turkey and onion mix.

Once the ground turkey is completely cooked (no signs of pink color), pour onto the plated mixed greens.

Top with the salsa and squeeze the 1/4 lime all over.



One Response to “Sutter’s Recipivity – 3 New on the Menu!”

  1. Cheryl Bell Says:

    Love your recipes—-cyb

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