Dog Gone Crazy!

Samson Gets In On the Act

My Boy, Rat Terrier – Samson, a young 13, recently went for his annual check-up at the Vet. The Doctor was amazed at Samson’s lean body mass, energy level and said that he was in great shape for his age. The craziest result of all  – he’d lost 8 pounds!!

I can only attribute this extreme weight change to him getting fed scraps, five times a day, from the new Fuel Plan. ;o)

He’s even working on his poses!!

The Classic Sit

Settle Down

Settle Down / Head Down

Love that D. O. G.!!!!


7 Responses to “Dog Gone Crazy!”

  1. Bobette McGowan Says:

    You must not be sharing your meat (protein) with Samson!

    • So Funny! No…..I was tryin’ to say that the little bit of scraps from entire meal…..while not a lot of protein…..may have caused the weight loss.;o)

      LOL!!! Thanks for readin’!! Thanks, Sutter Girl

  2. Cheryl Bell Says:

    Awwww…Samson.I love him.

  3. In these pictures Samson really looks like Cricket. She’ll be 16 years old this week and probably weighs less than 6 pounds. We literally “lost” her overnight last week, and thought she was gone for good. Fortunately Brian found her very early the next morning stuck on a sand bar in the creek behind our house. Thankfully the predators didn’t get her.

  4. You are too funny. “The Classic Sit.” That had me chuckling out loud. Go Samson!

    • I’m LOVIN’ this BLOGGIN THANG!!

      Thanks for checkin’ in!

      I’ll have more Sutter pics end of this week….2 month Mark already!!

      Thanks, Sutter Girl

  5. James Cass Says:

    Awww! What a handsome fella! Hard to belive he’s 13. He’s got a great Mom for sure! 😉

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