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Quinoa…..Quin-What? (Keen-What)

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Quinoa, pronounced, “Keen-wa”, oughta be called QuinWow!!

Though classified as a grain, Quinoa is really a seed packed with some serious POWER!!

For starters it is a COMPLETE Protein source, meaning that it contains all 9 essential amino acids! Quinoa contains a high level of the amino acid Lysine, offering the key function of tissue growth and repair – a critical factor in the Body Building process!

Quinoa Closeup (w/ Diced Grilled Chicken)

Go to the following link to discover more of the benefits this “Gold of the Incas” has to offer:

QuinWow Salad & Mini Pepper Appetizer

Early in the process of my Trainer determining my “Fuel Plan”, I sent him the nutritional facts for Quinoa to see if it could be included in the carbohydrate category. Thankfully the answer was a resounding “YES!”

While I enjoy Quinoa as a stand alone side dish (both hot and cold), I recently mixed it up a bit to add both taste and texture to yet another amazing salad and a super festive appetizer option! Check’em out…..

QuinWoW! Salad

The Groceries:

6 Oz Grilled Chicken

3 Oz Cooked Quinoa

Romaine Lettuce (or Mixed Greens)

Mini Bell Peppers

Pickled Okra (Hot is my preferred, but comes in mild)


The Mix:

Okay, Grill your chicken and season it as you like. I used a Southwest seasoning to spice it up!

Follow the directions on the Quinoa package and cook accordingly. Basically, two parts H2O to one part Quinoa. 1 cup of Quinoa makes several 3 oz servings. It’s great to have the extra already prepared for  future feedings. ;o)

NOTE: Store your package of Quinoa in the freezer. I read that this is really what should be done for all grain / seed / nut items. It will prevent them from going rancid in your cupboard.

I dice up the grilled chicken, blend it with the Quinoa then pour it on top of the lettuce and mini bell peppers and garnish with the pickled okra & salsa. Squeezin’ a little fresh lime juice on it adds a nice fresh citrus flavor.

Mini Pepper Appetizer

This is the prettiest little finger food I ever did see! Use all the same ingredients for the salad described above, just stuff the mini peppers with’em!!

The Assembly

Half and de-seed the mini peppers. Then place a small piece of lettuce in the pepper half, next add the grilled chicken & quinoa mixture, top with a dollop of salsa & a slice of pickled okra and squeeze a little lime if you like. If you’re not a fan of pickled okra (don’t knock it if you ain’t evah tried it!), garnish with a sprig of cilantro to make it FANCY!

The mini pepper functions as the carrier of all the GOODNESS!


5 Weeks Until I Compete!!

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Two New Types of Torture

As fast as the first 8 weeks flew by, 5 weeks seems like tomorrow!

My trainers and I are thrilled with what I’ve accomplished thus far, but there is a lot more to improve upon in the time remaining.

Two focal points – Glutes & Quads.

Therefore, I have added two new types of torture to my trainin’ routine to sculpt these muscle groups:

1) Dead Man’s Hill

The Approach

The Warning

The Incline

Boundings & Walking Lunges

Basically, I have begun to perform “Boundings” and “Walking Lunges” up this miniature mountain.

For those of you unfamiliar with “Boundings”, this exercise is done by pushing off one foot, up-hill and slightly out to the side, landing on the opposite foot, and then pushing up and to the other side. All of your weight is shifting from on leg to the other as you work your way up the incline.

A true Quad Burner!

Walking Lunges are probably not a “new” exercise to most readers, but I’ll offer a description of this move anyway. To perform this exercise you extend one foot straight out, allowing the knee to line up directly over the ankle upon landing the foot. So, you end up with a 90 degree angle at the knee-joint when it bends. The opposite leg is now straight behind you, almost parallel to the ground. You push-off the forward foot to extend the opposite foot straight forward to achieve this 90 degree angle with the other leg and continue to alternate legs as you work your way forward, or in this scenario, up the incline.

A great exercise to work the entire lower half of the body. So – another way to target the Glutes & Quads….but incorporating the calves and abdominals as well. ;0)

2) Ballet Bar

Pure Pain

At first glance, this device seems pretty harmless. Yeah…..ever heard the phrase “Looks can be deceiving.”?

Simply insert the DVD and press “Torture”….I mean “Play”. Then follow the pretty lady’s evil instructions. She has developed an entire routine to cause your tender, fragile, innocent Glutials to undergo an incinerator burn, which results in, I swear, an audible scream. Oh yeah…that was me screamin’…along with Maximus and Minimus in full unison!

She doesn’t stop there, no, she pays plenty of attention to your legs, abs and is only somewhat lenient on the arms.


Bottom Line

I better get some INCREDIBLE results as a result of endurin’ these endeavors!!  ;o)

2 Month Marker

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End of Week 8!

Wow! I can’t believe that 2 months worth of trainin’ are completed!

Seems appropriate to post the latest results. The following pictures were taken by my true friend and “naybah” Tallon, on Sunday, August 15, 2010.

Weighed in at 114LBS! That’s 11LBS lighter than when this journey began ;o)

Same Suit….Same Setting…..HOPEFULLY…..Visibly…. it AIN’T the Same Sutter ;o)

Chisel Challenge Champion Breakfast

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Wheaties Ain’t Got Nothin’ On This Dish!!

Breakfast remains the same daily on the Fuel Plan and it is one of, if not, my FAVORITE meal of the day!!

7 egg whites, 2 slices turkey bacon, and either 1 slice of Ezekiel Bread, or 1/2 of an Ezekiel English Muffin.

Of course I dress this dish up a bit by sauteing red onion, mushroom, and spinach in an oven safe small skillet (saute pan for those above the Mason Dixon Line ;o) ) seasoned with a little coarse salt and pepper. While that’s heatin’ up, I whip the 7 egg whites with an electric hand mixer just until they start to peak…..don’t get too crazy whippin’em or you’ll end up with marrang! ;o)

Pour the whipped egg whites over the sautéed veggies, give a little stir and then bake in the oven on 350 degrees for 15 minutes.

It’s the prettiest, puffiest healthy omelette you ever did see!

Though it’s not pictured here, I highly recommend choosin’ the 1/2 Ezekiel English Muffin – Cinnamon Raisin Flavor – to go with the omelette and turkey bacon…it ROCKS!!

Sutter’s Recipivity – 3 New on the Menu!

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Sweet Frites!

Good Carbohydrates ya’ll! That’s what we gotta be eatin’!! And Sweet Potatoes are my favorite in that category!! The serving size, or portion, that the Fuel Plan lists is 2.5 to 3oz, based on the protein source accompanying the sweet potato serving.

So, to stretch this portion out, I came up with the idea of makin’ Sweet Potato Fries (or Pomme Frites in the French vernacular). You can cut’em into “shoe strings”, or go for a thin wider cut. Whatever it takes to trick your brain into thinkin’ your gettin’ more than you really got. ;o)

Whatcha Need

1 Small Sweet Potato (cleaned, but NOT peeled)


Coarse Salt

Cayenne Pepper (optional…for those who can take the heat ;o) )

Non-stick No Calorie Cooking Spray

No Calorie Olive Oil Spritz

Spritz & Sprinkle

Spray a roasting pan with non-stick cooking spray. Cut your sweet potato to your liking (whichever you prefer as described above).  Lay the slices flat in the roasting pan. Spritz the tater slices with the No Calorie Olive Oil, Sprinkle the slices with a touch of Coarse Salt, Cinnamon and the Cayenne Pepper if you’re feelin’ “Spicy”!

Pop the pan in the oven on 375 degrees for approximately 25 minutes, or until soft -or as crunchy as you may want them, I like mine soft and the skin gives a crunch.  ;O)

Salito Trainito

(A.K.A.Chisel Challenge Mexican Salad)

I absolutely LOVE Mexican food, but it definitely takes some “Recipivity” to keep my “Mexican Fix” to the Low-Cal, Fuel Plan standards. KWIM? (Know What I Mean?)

I was up to the challenge – so here tis….

Los Ingredientos

Mixed Greens, or whatever type of lettuce you like….Romaine, Bibb….etc.

Salsa (At LEAST Medium Heat, if you’re in the SUTTER Kitchen!)

Mini Yellow, Red, and Orange Bell Peppers

5.25oz. Ground Turkey (All White Meat)

Red Onion

Lime (about 1/4 of it)

Spices: Coarse Salt, Coarse Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Cumin (all to taste)


Go ahead and plate the mix greens. Then cut the mini bell peppers in half (length wise) and de-seed them. I fan the sliced peppers around the border of the plate. ;o)

Dice the red onion.

Spray a saute pan with non-stick / no calorie cooking spray, heat the pan and add the onion to it. Once the onion has sweated, add the ground turkey stir around to cook turkey into “crumbles” – not one big blob. Add the spices, stirring them thoroughly into the ground turkey and onion mix.

Once the ground turkey is completely cooked (no signs of pink color), pour onto the plated mixed greens.

Top with the salsa and squeeze the 1/4 lime all over.


Week 7

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7 Weeks Down…6 to Go!

Wow! Time is flyin’ by and the weight is sheddin’ off! I was down eleven pounds!  But at weigh in this week had fluctuated back up 2LBS. Not sure what to attribute that too, other than perhaps Ragweed Season killin’ my sinuses and havin’ to take some meds to address the issue?? Water retention? Don’t know…cause I’m still workin’ out HARD & stickin’ to the Fuel Plan like Glue!!

Field Trip!!

Capped off the end of week 7 with a little field trip to Sparkle City! (That’s Spartanburg, SC for those of you who ain’t “locals”)

My Dream Team teammate, LeAnn and I headed to the USC Upstate Performing Arts Center for the NPC Upstate Classic Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure & Bikini Competition!

Attending the competition presented a new source of motivation & REALLY got us fired up to KILL IT the remaining 6 weeks!! It was also a learning experience in terms of the attire (colors that look good on stage), tanning, and posing techniques. Very worthwhile!!

Dog Gone Crazy!

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Samson Gets In On the Act

My Boy, Rat Terrier – Samson, a young 13, recently went for his annual check-up at the Vet. The Doctor was amazed at Samson’s lean body mass, energy level and said that he was in great shape for his age. The craziest result of all  – he’d lost 8 pounds!!

I can only attribute this extreme weight change to him getting fed scraps, five times a day, from the new Fuel Plan. ;o)

He’s even working on his poses!!

The Classic Sit

Settle Down

Settle Down / Head Down

Love that D. O. G.!!!!

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