Just a Bunch of Posers

Posing Session #3

Yep….you guessed it….had another posing session today, July 25,2010. This is the third session since I became a Dream Team member. I learn something new every time we get together! For instance, Josh gave me a tip to make my quads pop more by simply extending my leg forward and flexing my foot instead of pointing my toe. Small detail – yes. Better result – yay!

Besides the fact that the Dream Team athletes are just genuinely cool people, it’s AMAZING how each Dream Team athlete is improving in terms of physique. The last posing session was only two weeks ago and the results in that short amount of time are CRAZY GOOD!

Solo Show

Today’s posing session started out as the previous two, Le Ann, Steven, Josh and myself went through the mandatory Body Building poses, while Jim and Daniel coached our form and improved upon our technique. Meanwhile the Figure girls were running through their requirements with Mo.

Then Jim announced that each group was going to run through what they’d been doing another time or two and then each person was going to “Fly Solo”! Oh Boy ;0/ Kinda scary….but in a good way. ;o) Here are some pics to show progress.

To see a little video of the “Solo Flight” go to my Face Book page. ;o)  Thanks for CheckinI in Ya’ll!!


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