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Last week Jim told the Dream Team members training for the September competition that it was time to give our bodies a little sugar. The body can only go for so long being depleted of sugar before it goes into a protection mode and begins to hold on to fat instead of burning it off. So this was kind of a “Re-Boot” of the metabolism.

Re-Feed Meal!!

He was actually giving us all permission to have ONE meal that included some form of simple sugar. His example was a breakfast consisting of an egg white chicken and veggie omelette, pancakes with syrup. I was SO psyched to hear this scenario, because that is one of my favorite things….the omelette that is!! I immediately knew where I’d be goin’ for this mini-celebration….Stax Omega!

(One point of clarification I sought from Jim was this….could I have fruit? And Praise the Lord he said YES!!)

Stax Omega!!

A week later (the end of week 3), I made plans to meet one of my fitness friends, Lisa, at my FAVORITE breakfast spot – Stax Omega! And I knew EXACTLY how this Sunday Brunch was gonna go down. ;0)

My all time favorite IRONMAN omelette, (egg whites, spinach, onions), honey whole wheat toast, stack-o-buttermilk-pancakes with syrup, grits and a bowl of mixed fruit! When the waitress came to take my order I prefaced it by stating that I was gettin’ ready to order a LOT of food ;0) I regret not having brought my camera to document the “tablescape” for it was truly a sight to behold!

In case ya’ll are wonderin’, I did not eat this entire meal, though Lisa said I definitely put a hurtin’ on it! I shared my pancakes with Lisa and broadened her breakfast horizons by talkin’ her into ordering her first IRONMAN omelette!


A comical addition to this episode was the fact that a girl stopped by the table on her way out. She thought she had recalled meeting me at a mutual friend’s house about a year ago. I had seen her as well and recognized her, but had not yet made the connection…I must’ve been distracted being in midst of my sugar stupor. ;0) Anyway….she had to be thinkin’….”Man that girl can put away some food!!”.

All Good Things Must Come to an End…..

Finally, the entire meal was topped off by the fact that I got to meet the creator of the IRONMAN omelette…..the check-out girl!! I gave her a big high-five and props for makin’ the Stax Omega Menu complete! Good Times!

Now – back to FUEL PLAN REALITY! ;0)


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