July 10, 2010 – Shoulders, Legs & the Jockey Lot

Sissy Squat?

What a fun first half of a beautiful Saturday mornin’! I met up with another Dream Team member, who’s also trainin’ for the Body Building category of the upcoming September 18th competition, Le Ann, to work shoulders and legs. She had showed me this “Sissy Squat” exercise last Sunday at posing practice and I wanted to try it.

I have no idea why they call this move a “Sissy Squat” cause NO sissy would even attempt this exercise! Man -o – Man!! If you didn’t know where your quads were before doing this “Sissy” move, you figured it out the first rep! WOW! Oh….THAT’S why they call it a “Sissy Squat”, cause you’re puttin’ on a hurtin’ the minute you start it! ;o)

Pose, Pose, Pose…

Here’s a few pics from the posing session…..

Note: this is the tail end of week number 3…

The Jockey Lot

Those of you from South Carolina have surely paid a visit to this local icon. It’s a great place to find a bargain on just about anything you may or may not be lookin’ for. ;0) I LOVE the place! Le Ann and I paid a visit to the on site Mexican restaurant for some Chicken, lettuce and tomatoes with salsa. She told me she had actually gone back into the kitchen to see how they cooked the chicken to determine if she and her husband could eat there, while stickin’ to the “Fuel Plan”. The cook showed her that all they did was boil the chicken and use salt free Accent seasoning.

After lunch, we went to the produce stand that Le Ann’s friends run and I bought some fresh yellow squash and okra! You gotta LOVE FRESH SUMMER VEGGIES!!


One Response to “July 10, 2010 – Shoulders, Legs & the Jockey Lot”

  1. Bobette McGowan Says:

    Nice blog Amy! Keep up the hard work & good luck in September!

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