Week Two June 28th -July 2nd 2010


Another excellent week of trainin’ and squeaky clean eatin’. ;0) I’ve totally revamped my workout routine. When I was in the “Running Mode”, I was meetin’ my running friends at O’Dark Thirty and runnin’ for anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour. Depending on the day, I would then do an hour boot camp class following the run, which incorporated cardio and weight training, or go straight into my weight training. Now it’s the reverse….Weight Trainin’ first and Cardio afterwards, but at a lesser intensity.

Balancing Act

It’s the whole balancing act of losing fat and maintaining muscle. In the first week the scale moved to the left a few pounds from 125 to 122. This week it has continued in that positive direction to just below 120LBs. ;0) I’m NOT a fan of scales, I’ve always preferred to watch how my favorite pair of jeans fit, but it’s a point of reference to test the effectiveness of the Fuel Plan. The fat loss needs to be a gradual deal, so if it’s happening too fast the Fuel Plan needs to be adjusted accordingly.

Happy 4th of July!

Started off the commemorative day of July 4th in a TOTALLY different way than years past. Well, I did get a touch of “Breakfast at Wimbledon” in my traditional fashion, but soon after, I was headed to the gym to meet up with Mo and Jim. Mo and I were training Chest and Arms, one of her final training sessions prior to her big competition next weekend and then we were all headed to the gym where some other Dream Team members workout to practice posing. Another very accomplished Dream Team member, Daniel, also was in the mix – a pleasant surprise.

Pose, Pose, Pose

Posing went much better this week, according to Mo. ;0) I’d been practicing the 1/4 turns throughout the week, so definitely getting a better sense of what’s expected there, but still need some work on the mandatory poses – Front Double Bicep, Back Double Bicep, Side Tricep (Left / Right), Front Lat Spread and Back Lat Spread and Side Chest. And one other is Most Muscular, but I think this is an option to include in the required 1 minute choreographed posing routine. Stating the obvious here, but it’s CRITICAL to nail down the poses, since that’s the key factor by which the judges rate each competitor.

It’s so cool to try new things, get out of my comfort zone and learn about this AWESOME sport. And to spend the time training with good, encouraging, positive, fun people makes it even more worth the effort!


One Response to “Week Two June 28th -July 2nd 2010”

  1. WOW! You’re lookin’ great girl. Super abs are showin’ now 🙂 Keep up the good work. Come over ‘n cook for me with those delicious looking meals. What stylin’!!!!!

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