While I mentioned that I am eating what seems like a TON of food each day, I ain’t drinkin’ ANY alcohol……ZERO….ZIP…..NARRY AN OZ!!! Not that I was some crazy heavy drinker to begin with, but I do have an INTENSE appreciation for a good wine, preferably an Argentinian Malbec, vintage 2003, and I have a strong affection for a slightly dirty martini, on occasion (like when the clock strikes 5:30pm…JK) as well. ;0)  Unfortunately, both are NOT part of the Fuel Plan. ;0(

I’m mainly drinkin’ good’ol H2O, but was told that I could have sugar free, zero calorie beverages such as unsweetened tea, black coffee, diet green tea, etc. I’ve recently discovered the various flavors of Zero Calorie Sobe Life Water. They are my new “treat”….no more than one or two per day.

When your options are significantly reduced, you gotta get creative – right?! Innovation number one = the FauxTini! I fill a martini shaker with ice, cover it with diet green tea and some of the Sobe Life Water (so far used the pomegranate flavor) shake it, shake it, shake it, pour into an ice cold martini glass and garnish with a lime. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate the day! Cheers to ya’ll as I throw one back ;o)


2 Responses to “FauxTini”

  1. That actually sounds like a great summer refresher. Take a picture of your Chisel Challenge FauxTini! Maybe you can try some other flavors and garnish with different fruit.

    I’m a sucker for drinks. 😉

    • Man! I do need to take a picture of the FauxTini!! And yes I have already thought of several other flavors….one that is mocha chocolate mint, rimmed with a cocoa powder and cinnamon blend and is completely calorie free….ZERO!! As for fruit garnish that’s out….with the exception of lemon or lime. ;0/ Thanks for checkin’ in!

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