Current Stature – June 28, 2010

Today’s Physique

Illustrating the progress of this new training and fuel regimen can only be done by showing my physique in it’s current state and following that up with more pictures in the coming weeks. That being said, ALL modesty is pretty much out the window! I may not be shy, but believe it or not, I am pretty modest!

Phase One

I know I’ve got a ways to go ya’ll, but hey I’m workin’ on gettin’ there. ;0) The sculpture is definitely in its early phases, but the artist has the mallet and chisel in hand (iron and proper fuel to be more exact), the tools that through precise placement and pressure will slowly etch out the definition to reveal the desired form.  Man that was deep! ;0) Gotta love analogies ;0)

That took some GUTS ya’ll….seriously!!!

I’m in the EARLY stages of learning how to properly pose too… if you couldn’t tell ;0)

Thank goodness for tanning products…….shooo weety…..;0/


6 Responses to “Current Stature – June 28, 2010”

  1. Hey girl!! I am so proud of you… You will go places… Jim and I are excited to be in your corner to help you get through this new challenge. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow to work out and practice posing. We will have some fun with all you Dream Teamers…. See ya, Mo

  2. Amy – You go girl! I’m impressed with #1 your upper body and you’ve just started and #2 your blogging skills. You are a great creative and very interesting blogger. I know you will do great in the body building competition. I’m looking forward to more blogs! …Barb

  3. Wow, you rock! Indeed, that does take some guts, but you already look great! So everything from here on out is just gravy (says the slightly out shape, pleasantly undefined friend).

    The presentation aspect of this challenge is interesting. Do you also have to learn how to walk a special way? And what about turns?

    • Your SO N.I.C.E.!!!! What a TRUE friend you are ;0-) Yes….not so much walking a certain way…more learning the various poses. Plus I have to create a 1 min pose routine to music! From what Mo says the posing should be more like a dance with a smooth transition from one pose to the next. I’m tryin’ to pick out some good music. My thought is somethin’ really cool & up beat with minimum to no lyrics. And while I could splice a few different songs together, I’m thinkin’ just usin’ one song might be a better option. Crazy Fun Stuff!!!

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