Week One

I really cannot contain my excitement as I embark on this new adventure! I’m soakin’ up every word Marie Ann (A.K.A. “MO”) and Jim speak. Once again I’ve found some “Mentors – O – Fitness”, but this time in a “Dynamic Duo”.  I say that with the utmost respect and sincerity I could ever muster.  Seriously, I’ve never come across a couple like these two special people. Super genuine and Super Cool!

I was able to train with Mo and Jim this week as a supplement to my own workout schedule. We hit shoulders at the beginning of the week and legs the middle of the week. Come Friday – Boy Howdy I was feelin’ it!! MAN!

Mid week is when I received what I am callin’ my “Fuel Plan”. And I’m tellin’ you what…..it’s CRAZY how much I’m eatin’!! And it takes some serious plannin’ to get those meals into my system. But it’s ALL GOOD!!

Posing Practice

Finished up the week with Posing Practice. Mo had gone over the basics with me the day I signed on, but today she worked with myself and another DREAM TEAM member more extensively. We went through the poses about three times and I was sweatin’ by the time we finished! It’s a workout in-and-of-itself! Who Knew??!! Lookin’ forward to what next week has to bring…..and I’m sure my new Custom Fitness friends are gonna BRING IT!! ;0)


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