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While I mentioned that I am eating what seems like a TON of food each day, I ain’t drinkin’ ANY alcohol……ZERO….ZIP…..NARRY AN OZ!!! Not that I was some crazy heavy drinker to begin with, but I do have an INTENSE appreciation for a good wine, preferably an Argentinian Malbec, vintage 2003, and I have a strong affection for a slightly dirty martini, on occasion (like when the clock strikes 5:30pm…JK) as well. ;0)  Unfortunately, both are NOT part of the Fuel Plan. ;0(

I’m mainly drinkin’ good’ol H2O, but was told that I could have sugar free, zero calorie beverages such as unsweetened tea, black coffee, diet green tea, etc. I’ve recently discovered the various flavors of Zero Calorie Sobe Life Water. They are my new “treat”….no more than one or two per day.

When your options are significantly reduced, you gotta get creative – right?! Innovation number one = the FauxTini! I fill a martini shaker with ice, cover it with diet green tea and some of the Sobe Life Water (so far used the pomegranate flavor) shake it, shake it, shake it, pour into an ice cold martini glass and garnish with a lime. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate the day! Cheers to ya’ll as I throw one back ;o)


Current Stature – June 28, 2010

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Today’s Physique

Illustrating the progress of this new training and fuel regimen can only be done by showing my physique in it’s current state and following that up with more pictures in the coming weeks. That being said, ALL modesty is pretty much out the window! I may not be shy, but believe it or not, I am pretty modest!

Phase One

I know I’ve got a ways to go ya’ll, but hey I’m workin’ on gettin’ there. ;0) The sculpture is definitely in its early phases, but the artist has the mallet and chisel in hand (iron and proper fuel to be more exact), the tools that through precise placement and pressure will slowly etch out the definition to reveal the desired form.  Man that was deep! ;0) Gotta love analogies ;0)

That took some GUTS ya’ll….seriously!!!

I’m in the EARLY stages of learning how to properly pose too… if you couldn’t tell ;0)

Thank goodness for tanning products…….shooo weety…..;0/

Week One

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I really cannot contain my excitement as I embark on this new adventure! I’m soakin’ up every word Marie Ann (A.K.A. “MO”) and Jim speak. Once again I’ve found some “Mentors – O – Fitness”, but this time in a “Dynamic Duo”.  I say that with the utmost respect and sincerity I could ever muster.  Seriously, I’ve never come across a couple like these two special people. Super genuine and Super Cool!

I was able to train with Mo and Jim this week as a supplement to my own workout schedule. We hit shoulders at the beginning of the week and legs the middle of the week. Come Friday – Boy Howdy I was feelin’ it!! MAN!

Mid week is when I received what I am callin’ my “Fuel Plan”. And I’m tellin’ you what…’s CRAZY how much I’m eatin’!! And it takes some serious plannin’ to get those meals into my system. But it’s ALL GOOD!!

Posing Practice

Finished up the week with Posing Practice. Mo had gone over the basics with me the day I signed on, but today she worked with myself and another DREAM TEAM member more extensively. We went through the poses about three times and I was sweatin’ by the time we finished! It’s a workout in-and-of-itself! Who Knew??!! Lookin’ forward to what next week has to bring…..and I’m sure my new Custom Fitness friends are gonna BRING IT!! ;0)

Background – Chisel Challenge 2010

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Okay…’s  a little background on how this whole Chisel Challenge came about.  I’ve been “Into Fitness” for a number of years…..ever since I started Jazzercise my senior year at Clemson – ya know tryin’ to shed those excess college girl pounds so I could present my best “self” as I jumped on the career path. My first Fitness Mentor worked with me to site current health screening information and monitor the improvement from a physical fitness standpoint, nutrition and basic medical perspective. A very good overall learning experience regarding the relationship between the three categories.

Post Clemson a move to the metropolis of Clinton, SC – the commencement of my career – I lived across the street from the YMCA where I kept up my workout routine. It was there that I met my second Fitness Mentor whom encouraged me to get a Group Fitness Instructor Certification, which I did with the American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.) back in 1993.

It was at this point that my appreciation for bodybuilding began. I tucked that intrigue into the back of my mind until now.

So, why now?

Well, I have a new appreciation for the gift / blessing of being Healthy. Approaching three years ago, I took a trip to the beautiful land of India, but unfortunately upon my return to the States, was hospitalized for 15 days with an undiagnosed illness. The recovery time took about two years and I spent the third year rebuilding my fitness level – a significant challenge in and of itself – with the goal of gaining an In-Door Cycling Instructor Certification, which I acquired June 2009 through the Nautilus Institute. Now…..I need a new challenge to fulfill and Chisel Challenge 2010 is it!!

I decided to put my intrigue of the sport of Body Building into action. A friend of mine’s brother who competes in Body Building gave me Marie Ann Newman’s (IFBB Professional Figure Competitor / Fitness Model) information. I e-mailed her, we scheduled an appointment to meet face to face to discuss the possibilities / potential, I attended a show per her recommendation, we determined that the Women’s Body Building was the best category for my physique, and as of June 21, 2010 I became a proud member of the Custom Fitness DREAM TEAM!! Custom Fitness is the business Marie Ann and her husband Jim run.

All sights are set on a September 18, 2010 competition…..let the Trainin’ Begin!!

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